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Top Level Performance Requires Top Level Nutrition”
Shihan Chris Thompson (7th Dan KSI, Joint World Chief Instructor)

"To achieve my sporting and personal goals I decided personally that my health and that of my close family had to have the guesswork taken out of it.

As previous national and international champion and currently a 7th Dan joint world chief instructor, I need to be at my best.

Karate training encompasses many aspects of fitness and suppleness. Recovery after training is of course a critical element of your body and mind adapting to new demands

For many years I worked hard on my own nutritional needs and during more than 36 years of training I have used a large variety of supplements. Since being introduced to the Herbalife nutrition supplement range of products 8 years ago my wife Jean & I along with all of our family have enjoyed staggering result eating these products every day.

For the very first time I actually feel a tangible difference in my daily wellness and energy levels from taking these products daily.

These products have been a core reason that for many years now, I personally can travel so extensively and that my body and mind can cope with international teaching, training and a business programme with demands that many people would find very difficult to cope with. With my sport I need stamina, good recovery and explosive power. The Herbalife  drink is very easy to use prior to and post strenuous training sessions. I find it easy to digest and the effective absorption allows me full energy to get through my training session. I also use the drink for keeping my body fat at a desired level when I am travelling and the Thermojetics works extremely well for added energy boosts. The  Herbalifeline, Rose Ox, Tang Kuei are important additions to my programme. I have recently been able to incorporate Herbalife’s Protein Powder into my programme allowing me to get in the extra protein essential for rebuilding after strenuous workouts. Being a vegetarian it also ensures my protein intake.

The new product I am also very excited about is Herbalife’s Joint Support which already provides noticeable results but which gives me the assurance that my joints will be well “nourished” in the years to come.

In today’s highly competitive sports arena, nutrition WILL make the difference. Herbalife as a range of products meets every one of my needs. It tastes great, is well priced and is very convenient. The results seen to date have been remarkable."

"I have tried various nutritional supplements extensively, but only received mediocre results". A friend Dr. Tony Pennells, asked Mark to try a new nutritional program he had just started selling. "I experienced significant results in three major areas. Sustainable stamina lift, professional productivity, and my pre-sport focus, which enhanced my performance. I also noted better post-sport recovery. I felt an improvement in flexibility and increased my muscles mass by 4cm on my chest, 2.5cm on my back and 2cm on my arms." His report on these products was a glowing one. He introduced the products to his friend Todd Marriott and international Karate competitor, teacher and coach. Todd put his sisters, also Karate competitors on the products as well. All are experiencing fantastic results.

Mark Bowen - Western Australia State Heavy Weight Karate Champion

"When I included Herbalife's nutritional products in my diet I felt strength and endurance increase. My overall physical condition seemed to improve. In the Karate Do World Cup competition in May 1993 I achieved my first goal of being placed in the top five among competitors from 23 countries. Then, in November of 1993 I won the Gold Medal. I attribute this to Herbalife, Dr Saulo Itzcard, who introduced me to the Herbalife products, and to my husband who is also my trainer."

 Patricia Crispin-Neri - World Cup Gold Medalist in Karate Do

"Although I have used supplements for 20 years and trained every day, I felt it was getting hard to catch up and my cholesterol level was high. I was skeptic that the Herbalife program would help me. In a few weeks, I lost 6kg of excess fat and my concentration, recovery, stamina and endurance levels improved

Chris Thompson - seven Dan in Shukokai style, Springbok & World Champion in Karate:

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