Business Opportunity

Wellness is the central trend for the coming decades
business opportunity

1.Why Start a Business Part Time?

Why start a business? Jim Rohn said that "Profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living, profits can make you a fortune."
And one definition of a job = just over broke. So why don't more people start a business? Many feel that they have to choose between a job or a business. Herbalife allows you to start a business part time with the option to go full time later.

"once you start investing even part time effort into your own business, you will find how much more exciting it is to get up in the morning"

2. Why Direct?

Look at the success of companies such as Dell, who eliminate the layers of margins that importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers usually  take.  Years ago the traditional method model of distribution was appropriate, where products took days to move around the country. Now with next day couriers, credit cards and the internet,  distribution methods have moved on. Direct marketing has grown steadily for the past 20 years. (In fact it's nearly doubled in the past 10). The home-based business boom (today, 1 out of 8 businesses operate out of someone's home). That means no more hectic commute and no more boss. You get to work with whom you want, where you want and when you want. No more missing your family and fearing redundancy. That spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

3. Why the Wellness Market?


As the video explains the opportunities to work in Wellness are as a practioner, in manufacturing in retail and in distribution. Fortunes will be made in educating consumers about new products and services. With the Wellness Industry now projected to grow very rapidly Herbalife weight management and nutrition products offer one of the outstanding health industry opportunities of the decade.
The Obesity Epidemic?
In many countries now, close to half of the population have a challenge with their weight,  many people are "run down",  and everyone has a need for well-being. Take one country, the UK, for example, 1  in 4 people are now obese, according to the National Audit Office. And the UK is about 10 years behind the USA where there is diabetes epidemic. What about your country? Wellness is the central trend for the coming decades. See Herbalife solutions  

The Wellness Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world with people seeking products and information to stay well.

Wellness means having the energy to do the things you want. It means waking up and feeling great, without having to pop medications to start the day. It means playing with your kids and not ending up out of breath and it means maintaining a healthy weight. It means children having the concentration to study at school. Wellness or well being means taking personal responsibility for health. It’s to do with feeling better, slowing the affects off ageing and reducing the risk of disease.

Yet as the junk food and processed food mega companies marketing machines roll on, people are getting more and more out of shape. Trends up to now:

  • 60‘s   Fast Food

  • 70‘s   Real Estate

  • 80‘s   Home Electronics

  • 90‘s    PCs, Mobiles &  The Internet

  • Now    Wellness

Increasing need for individuals to take responsibility for own health i.e. preventative health as government health spending escalates.

Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned economist, senior economic advisor to two White House administrations,  predicted the beginning and massive expansion of the Internet before it happened. He predicts this industry alone will grow from $260 million to £1 TRILLION in the next 8 years.

4. Why is Herbalife Successful?
Huge demand for Herbalife products with customers wanting to lose weight, gain weight, have more energy and perform better at sports. The products work- over a million testimonials on file. A "consumable" product as customers orders monthly programmes. Unique range of products only available from Herbalife Distributors. Strong retail sales so distributors can make a good income from retailing. Retail sales also sustains ongoing royalty payments. Business model which allows you to build your business beyond your own time. A generous marketing plan. Ongoing commitment from Herbalife to promote the brand. A new sports sponsorship is being announced every month. Innovative promotional methods, so that this is much more than a "friends and family business". Branding Campaign . (you may need this tour code 8905)

Herbalife is the worlds leading weight management company, proven over 30 years in 80+ countries. Sales have just reached $3 billion.  Not just another marketing company entering the market with "me-too products"!

Proven Success
Around the world, thousands of people just like you have changed their lives with the Herbalife business opportunity—and you can, too! From setting your own hours to achieving financial independence, the lifestyle of your dreams is finally within reach.  
Herbalife are creating a better future for people around the world and have only scratched the surface of their potential.

Major awareness campaign is underway to make Herbalife the next superbrand!

NEW Generation H - Find an alternative to the 40 year job plan? Already experienced the frustrations of working for a boss after only a few years. Faced with limited earning potential? Then make a start now and save yourself the aggravation! See launch of Generation H.

A tradition of excellence.

Herbalife has a shining track record of success and skyrocketing growth spanning over two decades. Its weight management and nutritional products are widely regarded as the best on the market. The people who market these products are committed to spreading the word about good health, not just to making money. And they're supported by the best marketing plan in the industry. The list goes on.

When you become an Herbalife distributor, you're joining a winning team that has been changing the world for a long time and will continue doing so for an even longer time to come. Herbalife is here to stay!

Here are just a few reasons why you should make Herbalife your opportunity for success:

Top Management Team

The top team managing the Herbalife business is second to none.  The CEO was headhunted from his previous position as President of Disney International. This is a reflection of the growth in the Wellness market and Herbalifes pre-eminent position within it.

The technical team developing our leading natural products includes top people such as Dr Lou Ignarro, a Nobel prize winner in medicine.

Herbalife makes the finest  products in the world.

Pure and simple. Millions of satisfied customers have been experiencing safe, healthy and nutritionally oriented weight loss thanks to Herbalife's uniquely effective products and programs. The products work and they work well. Our herbal-based supplements are formulated from only the very best botanicals and other natural ingredients.  Herbalife is the best because it helps people feel and look their best. Customer Testimonials

Herbalife Training

You have access to one of the largest private TV networks in the world which broadcast via the internet twice a week. Plus training days and DVDs/videos and a library of videos via the internet.

Internet Marketing

Is this of interest? Herbal Vitality will teach you how to promote via the Internet. A range of different web sites are available. For example, a web site in 5 currencies for £3 month. Note,  you can trade in 60 countries as you have access to warehouses in 60 counties. Orders are sent to customers from the local warehouse.

Herbalife offers the best marketing plan.

This business opportunity is the most rewarding and comprehensive in the  industry. If you're truly committed to working the business, the business will work for you. Herbalife's compensation plan is the most generous you will ever find. Whether you want to work part time or full time, earn some extra cash or become rich, Herbalife makes it all possible. Contact for us for the details.

Herbalife has a proven track record.

Herbalife has been changing lives for the better for over 25 years. If Herbalife didn't possess that kind of credibility and integrity, it wouldn't have a two-decade track record of success. People come to Herbalife because they know the company will always be there for them.

Our team is committed to success - their own and yours.

Herbalife distributors are passionately committed to the products that changed their own lives and are dedicated to spreading the word. And as an Herbalife distributor achieves financial success, he or she always wants to help others succeed as well. Your support system is the entire family of Herbalife distributors.  Watch Testimonials

Take charge of your life

As a Herbalife distributor you run your own home business helping people improve their life. The first steps are always the most difficult and we will help and guide you through them step by step.

Take the first step to the life you deserve!
Whether you’re planning the future of your dreams or just need cash for today, start on the path to life changing success as an Herbalife Distributor. Regardless of experience or education, you’ll receive personalised support every step of the way as you build your business

There are no limits on how much money you can make in Herbalife, from an extra £500 per month to tens of thousands per month - the only limit are your dreams.

5. Why this Business Model?

Do you know someone that has set up their own business? And 5 years later they are still the only person working in it? Many businesses face growing pains including the problems with hiring staff. Not with this business, which has an inbuilt growth model.

So if you  want to earn more than £1500 a month part time that, or perhaps you want to work less, you can also build your own team, by sponsoring other individuals into the company. There are a lot of people looking for a flexible way to earn a second income these days. Companies such as Texas, Gillette, Colgate, Toyota, Xerox, Virgin and  AOL . are now using this business model.
6. How does it work?

Wellness is such a large, growth market and there are many ways in which the business can be run. There is the opportunity to work from home part time or full time using your computer and the Internet. Your details are added to our Nationwide Directory of Distributors and we teach you how to promote your business locally and if of interest via the web. BIG Marketing teach 15 methods of promotion and provide the support systems to go with them. Alongside the traditional methods of promotion such as flyers, posters into companies and advertising we teach the total plan,  wellness evaluations, body fat testing pods, sports affiliates, corporate wellness programmes, Arriba lifestyle magazine and internet marketing, for example. You choose the ways that suit your circumstances e.g. do you have small children? Would like to be based from home? Or would you like to develop your business outside of the home.

And we have just launched Wellness Clubs and the Weight Loss Challenge with a 105 clubs set up so far across the UK and a handful in Ireland too.

You can work at your own speed and with flexible hours but you get the support and backup associated with a $2 billion company.

7. More information?

Watch a Video Presentation on the opportunity  (you may need this tour code 8905). Read more online. Click here to listen to an audio introduction

8.Next steps?

Or Would you like to speak to someone about the opportunity and ask questions. Which part of the business interests you most? Weight management, vitality, sports diet,, skin care, internet marketing  etc Contact us on +44(0 )1932 889236 and via email with questions [email protected]

Or Attend one of our training/information days. These days provide in-depth knowledge on how to set up and start your business. The seminar covers the wellness market, company, products, how you generate income and support systems  BIG Marketing run own its regional training seminars (called ROMs, held on a Saturday or Sunday) (10am to 4pm). Outside the UK? Contact us for meeting dates.

Or Find out with your own body. Try the products first? Do you need to lose weight or gain weight? Have poor diet habits? Lower your cholesterol? Digestive challenges? Run down and need more energy? Fall asleep in front of the TV every evening?! Play sports? Challenges with your skin?  Circulation problems? Heart/cardiovascular problems? How many people do you know that want to lose weight, for example?

Or To become a distributor you need an International Business Pack.  This contains your licence, a great training manual, How to Start DVD, brochures, access to online training and a supply of Herbalife products. Join here

*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical. When considering this business opportunity, do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.  Goods sold are nutrition, personal care and cosmetic product