BIG Marketing Support

retail-store-herbalife You can have your own web site, so that your customers can re-order online
  • Built in Shopping Cart
  • Ability to use your own personalised web address.
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Accept credit card payments without a merchant account through PayPal


  • Built in traffic report. Tells you how many people visited your store and where they came from
  • Your name included on the distributor locator page
  • Ability to change the Look of Your Store at any Time with the Click of a Button
BIG Marketing

BIG is one of the fastest growing groups in the world. The reason for the growth is the immense level of support in areas such as training, team building, personal development and marketing. BIG is an immensely ethical group, we support and help each other and strongly believe that you should run your own business in a fair and honest way - it gets results! BIG marketing support includes hosting training days. Support systems include internet sites / State of the art online training system / Internet marketing/ Voice email/ Voice-net communication system/ Non-internet lead generation systems/ Accounting advice/ Personal development training/ Training materials etc etc You receive the support you expect from a franchise type business but without the same start up costs allowing someone to start part-time alongside a job, children or another activity.
The BIG VoiceNet system is a unified messaging system, which simplifies the internal communication links within the BIG organisation. The system brings together, into one easy to use website, all the voice, fax and email communications within BIG.
We teach you how to promote on the net!  We provide state of the art turnkey e-commerce and affiliate websites, which enables your prospects to receive full visual presentations of the Herbalife products and  opportunity. And we have sites using the latest "dynamic pages" optimised for the search engines. All our website are personalised with your contact details. The sites present a professional on-line presence for your business, one that is usually only accessible to far larger organisations. The system is regularly enhanced to ensure that your on-line business presence stays state of the art and maintains a competitive advantage.