Work Home Businesses

Wellness is the central trend for the coming decades

What are the mega trends driving this business forwards?

  1. Growth in interest in natural products as people want to feel better, recover from sport quicker and live longer, for example. A trillion dollar market.
  2. Baby Boomers – 1/3 of the world’s population is turning 50. They want to stay younger, longer and  they are buying the products to help them. They want financial security and they will continue to seek out profitable business ventures!
  3. Half the population overweight due to heavily marketed carbohydrate based snacks, soft drinks, processed foods and fast food. Food companies make the highest profit margins on these products. For example, in the UK 1 in 4 people are now obese, according to the national audit office. And the UK is probably 10 years behind the USA where there is a diabetes epidemic. What about your country?
  4. Unique Harvard Business School lectured business model not to be compared to any other model Same presentation in Spanish and Mandarin
  5. Growth in acceptability and usability of the internet. It is EXPLOSIVE! Do you know anyone that hasn’t bought something online?
  6. Residual income to replace diminishing pensions. An increasing need  to take responsibility for pension provision oneself
  7. Government legislation - with increasing responsibility of the individual, tax advantages of working from home, and getting people off the busy roads.
  8. Desire for people to have  control and  of their lives. Job security no longer exists
  9. Work from home lifestyle, appeals to so many
  10. Choosing the hours you work and who you work with

Should households rely on salaried  income?

For the reality of life today, read this article "Our bills are rising fast" "We manage our money terribly"  "We've become addicted to debt"  "Our saving for retirement is pathetic "We don't have enough to fall back on" "We're not investing enough" "Our credit card debt is growing" Ever wondered what the "poor" "middle classes" and the "wealthy"  buy with their money on pay day?

The 40 Year Job Plan

One career path is the "40 year job plan", where you start off with a low salary, which increases gradually as you gain more experience. You take on additional work, gain additional responsibility, you get promoted your income increases but by how much, another £500 £1000 £2000?

Do you ever earn the income to achieve your dreams and goals? Well some do, but its a small %. You work 9-5 or even 9-7. As you progress, later in life you face the threat of redundancy? And then you retire on a limited income? Job = just over broke!  Job = no security?

Why start a home business alongside a job or another activity?

The key to prosperity is to be your own boss. Will an additional £500-£1500 per month make a real difference to your lifestyle? Generate a passive income to provide for your retirement.  Benefit from tax advantages of starting a home business?  Opt for a low start up v spend thousands on a franchise?

Types of people starting home businesses?

Written testimonials. Is this the first  time looking at home business opportunities? 

Support provided by BIG Marketing?


BIG is one of the fastest growing groups in the world. The reason for the growth is the immense level of support in areas such as training, team building, personal development and  marketing.  BIG is an immensely ethical group, we support and help each other and strongly believe that you should run your own business in a fair and honest way - it gets results! BIG marketing support includes hosting training days. Support systems include internet sites (different currencies and product ranges e.g. weight management/sports)/State of the art online training system/ Internet marketing/ Voice email/ Voice-net communication system/ Non-internet lead generation systems/ Accounting advice/ Personal development training/ Training materials  etc etc You receive the support you expect from a franchise type business but without the same start up costs  allowing someone to start part-time alongside a job, children or another activity.  If the internet marketing side of our business appeals to you, Herbal Vitality provide support in this area. More Details on How to Start with BIG Marketing