Formula 1 - Fuel for Sports
Exercising on fumes or fuel? Refuelling within the 30 minute window?

Difficult to get the nutrition needed between long work hours and rigorous exercise regime? Collapsing after a work out! Then feel achy and lethargic?

  • Contains mix of quick and slow release carbohydrates

  • High quality Soy protein without the cholesterol

  • Easily absorbed by the body

  • Most efficient FUEL for the body?

  • Video on how to use Formula 1 for Sport

Whether you are skiing down moguls, riding down a mountain on a bike or enjoying a vigorous tennis match, you need to function at your peak potential. But it is hard to keep your edge when you are feeling wiped out and ready for the couch instead!

Our bodies work a lot like a car. It needs fuel to function effectively. All activities use fuel, which is measured in calories and often referred to as energy. Unfortunately, many of us leave home on a half-full tank or even worse! In order to run effectively, it is important to make sure our fuel tanks are properly filled. Food for thought

One of the best ways of taking on board food before and immediately after exercise is in drink form, such as a power-packed shake because it is easier for the body to utilise the nutrition instantly and it doesn�t lie heavily in the stomach. Eating a large meal before or after exercise which gives you all the correct protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, such as meat, pasta, vegetables and fruit, often leaves you feeling lethargic and in need of a siesta, rather than energised and ready to go!

The body needs balanced nutrition to perform optimally  Formula 1 can help you to reach your goals. Created with advanced food technology, this specially formulated, unique blend of ingredients provides easily absorbed, high-quality soy proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. You can be confident that every serving delivers, delicious satisfying, balanced nutrients.

Fuel! Easily absorbed drink. Provides necessary carbs for immediate fuel and helps to spare the stored fuel in the muscles (muscle glycogen).

Refuel Must not miss the "30 minute window of opportunity"! During which time you MUST refuel for maximum glycogen replenishment.

  • Provides a combination of quick and slow release carbohydrates to help regulate blood sugar highs and lows while maintaining energy levels.
  • High quality soy protein per serving, with the highest PER Protein Efficiency Ratio.
  • Mix with semi-skimmed milk = 22 grams of carbs, 18g of protein and 7g of fat.
  • Mix with water = 22 grams of carbs, 9g of protein and 2.2g of fat.
  • Mix with fruit, see some pre-workout shakes here
  • Contains dietary amino acids which the body cannot produce on its own
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins,  including the antioxidants Vitamins A and C, that can help fight free radical oxygen molecules and so help protect your body. What's in Formula 1?
  • Low in saturated and unsaturated fat
  • Easy to prepare, either shake by hand in a sealed flask,  use a mini-blender ,or an upright blender. The final products froths up readily, and has a smooth creamy consistency
  • Totally portable, take it to training or the gym
  • Option to mix with semi-skimmed milk, juice, water and foods. Water can be a good option for athletes pre-event as many cant digest the milk sugars before and during the exercise. And add some fruit for added carbs. Post exercise its recommended to make the shake with milk.

Additional Information:

How to take Formula 1? - example of usage
Flavours Available
Formula 1 Cappuccino
Formula 1 Vanilla
Formula 1 Chocolate
Formula 1 Strawberry
Formula 1 Tropical Fruit
Formula 1 Cookies & Cream
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