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"I cannot express in these few words, or really believe, how my body has changed with Herbalife Sports Nutrition Products. As an ex-professional sportsman, national coach and holder of a degree in sports science, I thought I knew all about my body and how to train and optimise it. My strength, endurance and speed have all made huge leaps forward, while my recovery times instantly went through the floor" Click here for success story


Serious about sport?

  • Optimal nutrition sets Herbalife products apart from all the other programmes. Their approach to nutrition is based on the time-honoured principle of balance(how vitamins and minerals work together)
  • Makes use of three major technologies –good science, micronutrient supplementation and herbal science.
  • COMPLETE PROGRAMME: Fuel, hydrate, refuel, repair & recovery.
  • New Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition
NUTRITION TIMING - Sports people and their coaches have spent much of their time focusing on two aspects of sports nutrition - quantity (how much food the athlete is consuming and quality (the type of nutrient, such as carbohydrate, protein or fat). Now, researchers have confirmed what bodybuilders and strength athletes have known for years - the fact that nutrient timing also makes a big difference to gains in performance.

Sports nutrition -fuelling


Formula 1 provides immediate fuel (carbohydrates)and helps spare the stored fuel in muscles (muscle glycogen). Its a high quality "6 star" fuel for the body. This is personalized for you based on the intensity of the exercise i.e. light/medium/heavy. Need a light meal before exercise or a snack, contains soy protein, complex carb, fibre vitamins and minerals. Pre-Workout Shake Recipes

New Formula 1 Sport - A healthy meal containing milk protein, complex carbs, fibre vitamins and minerals. Includes L-Glutamine supports muscle growth and immune function. Even higher level of nutrients than the regular Formula 1 recognising that exercise drains nutrients from the body.

New Free from Formula 1 Shake - Many leading tennis players, have switched to a gluten free diet and seen big improvements in performance. This " free from" shake, ideal as pre-workout, match or race meal is free from lactose, gluten and soy.

High quality multivitamin supplement v what you find in many high street stores. Take Formula 2 Vitamin –Mineral & Herbal tablets with meals. What is the difference between these products and other supplements available from the chemist or supermarket? We're seeing a gradual erosion of the nutritional value of food, in everything from the vitamin C content of oranges through to the zinc and copper levels in corns and other grains." See a comparison of nutrients here.

"Science shows that proper nutrition at the cellular level is at least as important to both health and athletic performance as strength training, cardiovascular training, and recovery time. In fact, it’s the foundation for everything else. When you’ve trained as hard as you can, supplementing your diet with nutrients designed specifically to boost muscle growth, recovery, circulation, energy efficiency, and resilience of muscle fibers and connective tissue make all the difference."

Dr  Andrew Myers: Supplementation for Athletes 

Sports nutrition-hydration BEFORE

With an exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana and caffeine, Lift Off Energy Drink aids focus and  fights fatigue. Popular just before the workout/match. Caffeine helps to burn fats as an energy source. Great energy boost  you'll notice the difference immediately.
And Niteworks for improving athletic performance. That is getting oxygen to the muscle more quickly. That is clearing the lactic acid out of the muscle tissue and improving the blood flow to the muscle tissue. Take 1-2 spoons in water. New study showing the benefits of L-Arginine and Antioxidants for sports
Sports nutrition-refuelling


During training, competition and your workout, drink fluid – at least every 15 minutes. Every adult should be drinking at least 2 litres of pure water, every single day. Whilst exercising we must replenish those stocks with even more water.  Suggestions:

New Hydrate - Light workout and keep hydrated during the day. Calorie free hypotonic drinks helps promote fluid absorption, providing electrolytes and B Vitamins. Support energy metabolism with key B Vitamins( B1, B2,B12 pantothenic acid) and Vitamin C. Provides antioxidant protection to help protect the body against free radical damage and boost immunity during and after physical exercise.

The best time to enjoy Herbalife H3O Pro™ Isotonic Drink is during your workout to keep you hydrated whilst providing a supply of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants to help power an exceptional performance. Why this Isotonic Drink? Do you wake up with leg cramps? You need to replenish sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Dehydration is one the biggest problems in sport.  Read about: Thermojetics Hydration -  Enjoy Thermojetics ® Instant Herbal Beverage* as often as desired. Contains caffeine to help improve endurance and help combat tiredness associated with exercise. Caffeine is well known for enhancing sporting performance.

New Prolong - This unique isotonic drink combines dual sourced carbohydrates, electrolytes and when protein isolate to enhance sports performance during prolonged exercise. Enriched with Vitamin C an B vitamins(including niacin and pantothenic acid)

Compare hyptonic and isotonic dirnks.

Sports nutrition-repairing

Within the first 30 minutes of completing your workout, drink Formula 1 mixed in juice/water. Don't miss the WINDOW! This simply means that we have a "30 MINUTE WINDOW when our fuel tanks-our muscles-are most receptive towards being refilled.
You've trained and you now need to repair the muscle fibres with protein.  Adequate, high quality protein assists muscle cells in repairing themselves. 30 -120 mins after exercise. Drink Formula 1 mixed in a protein-rich beverage (cow’s milk, soy milk or yogurt). So you have both a plant based protein and milk based protein source. Or eat a Protein Bar. For added protein for muscle build, add the Formula 3 Protein Supplement Powder to a Formula 1 shake.  Are you getting the right protein intake? See example of usage depending on the type of exercise.
New Rebuild Endurance - Enhance glycogen replacement and muscle recovery after every workout. Enriched with L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine for post exercise high intensity aerobic exercise. The 3.5 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein(whey) is designed to replenish glycogen and rebuild muscle, reducing recovery times.
New Rebuild Strength - High protein and carbohydrate recovery drink delivers amino acids to fatigued muscles post-anaerobic exercise.` Enhances muscle recovery by supporting the delivery of amino acids for muscle synthesis.
Sports nutrition-recovery RECOVERY SUPPLEMENTS

So you you breathe in more oxygen than the average person and therefore you generate more free radicals. Increase your intake of fresh seasonal foods and include a powerful antioxidant supplement such as Herbalife 24 Hydrate on a daily basis which provides antioxidant protection to help protect the body against free radical damage and boost immunity during and after physical exercise. Antioxidants  help to reduce muscle cell damage by removing lactic acid from muscles more quickly and neutralising free radicals. The benefits are reduced recovery times (average person takes 48-72 hrs to recover from exercise!!), and an increased immune system. Excessive free radical activity prematurely ages the body, so as an athlete ensure that you are get enough antioxidants in your diet.  For more info on the impact of  free radicals click here.  And see specialist products, such as the Herbal Aloe drink for runners tummy, and Xtra Cal for striong healthy bones.

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Additional information:
Glycemic Index - how sugary snacks/drinks can create imbalance in blood sugar
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