Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition
"In today’s highly competitive sports arena, nutrition WILL make the difference. Herbalife as a range of products meets every one of my needs. It tastes great, is well priced and is very convenient. The results seen to date have been remarkable." Click here for success story
Sports Nutrition-Diet,food,drinks and supplements

Is your current 'fuel supply' providing your body with everything you need?

  • Why Sports Nutrition? The Equation is Simple : What You Put In, You Get Out!"

  • What emphasis placed on diet alongside technique, training and mental preparation?

  • Highly digestible and absorbable "6 star fuel" for the body

Why Sports Nutrition?

Better performance in the last quarter of the match when most goals are conceded? Better endurance and strength? Faster recovery from exercise, especially if you are training/playing 3/4 times a week? Fewer injuries? Fewer colds? Better results? And more..

Sports Nutrition Challenges
1. Do you exercise on "fumes" or "fuel"?!
2. Do you train and compete 3/4 times a week and have little time to recover. Injury prone?
3. Do you have unwanted performance dips due to variable energy levels?
4. Do you consume a sugary sports drink before exercise? Sugary snacks and drinks can put the body in storage mode when it needs to be in release mode.
5. Are you focussed on carbo loading leaving your blood sugar in yo-yo mode? Do you crave certain types of food after exercise. e.g. carbohydrate  foods.
6. Focussed on nutrient timing as well as quantity (how much food you are eating and quality (the type of nutrient, such as carbohydrate, protein or fat).
7. Do you drink enough fluids during  training / competing? Do you suffer from the negative effects of dehydration such as muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches? Dehydration being one of the biggest problems in sports
8. Do you utilise the "30 minute window" for refuelling your body after exercise?
9 Do you get the right protein intake based on your height/weight and sport?
10. Are you topping up your body with nutrients? Exercise drains nutrients, required to utilise your fuel supply, from the body
11. Aware that when your at your fittest your immune system is often at its most vulnerable and therefore your susceptible to colds and flus etc
12. Match nerves / tension, high stomach acid levels ?
13. Boost metabolic rate by maintaining a healthy muscle mass
14. Do you neutralise your free radicals?!! Breathing in oxygen generates free radicals. Aware that taking antioxidants can reduce repair and recovery time?
15. Do you wake up with get leg cramps?
  • Improve Sports Performance?
  • Aiming For Peak Performance

    The science of sports nutrition is complex and often confusing, but it can be simplified into these basic components: Fuelling, Hydration Refuelling, Repairing, Recovery Our products are highly digestible and absorbable carbohydrates, proteins and essential fatty acids-all required by the body to help with peak performance.

    Offical suppliers of sports nutrition to the Faldo Series
    Sports Nutrition -Drinks

    Finding the optimum foods to help you in your quest for greater performance is not easy. These days it can be argued that intensive farming, global warming and long distance travel have depleted our foods of their best nutrition. What to look for is the best fuel possible which is easy to use, convenient and tastes great! More information at food for thought.

    Why a sports diet? Sports nutrition is more than just carbo loading! Its about a complete programme of fuelling, hydration,  refuelling, repair and recovery. Mix of slow and quick release carbohydrates, high quality proteins (without fat and calories from animal protein) and essential nutrients.  What is the difference between these products and other supplements available from the chemist or supermarket?

    The Reality

    Sports nutritionist "I spent years encouraging sports people to take care of their diet and nutrition and to consume  organically grown, locally  produce and cook for themselves rather eat processed foods with limited success. Now I suggest they take shakes as part of their daily routine. Then I know they get the right balance of nutrients -slow release carbs, easily absorbed proteins, mineral and vitamins. Its the first nutrition where my athletes have been able to feel the difference"

    What fuel do you use?

    2 star - Fast food, processed food and sugary snacks.
    4 star - Foods from the supermarket, where the nutritional value has been eroded over many years. Yet exercise drains nutrients from the body.
    6 star - Formula 1/2/ H3 Pro products and more (high quality ingredients and easily absorbed by the body)
    Additional information: 
    Understanding the glycemic index - Avoiding sugary drinks sold as energy/sports drinks

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