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"In today’s highly competitive sports arena, nutrition WILL make the difference. Herbalife as a range of products meets every one of my needs. It tastes great, is well priced and is very convenient. The results seen to date have been remarkable." Click here  for success story
Serious about sport?
  • Optimal nutrition sets Herbalife products apart from all the other programmes. Their approach to nutrition is based on the time-honoured principle of balance. 
  • Makes use of three major technologies –good science, micronutrient supplementation and herbal science
  • COMPLETE PROGRAMME: Fuel, refuel, repair & recovery
  • New Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition


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Sports Nutrition Programme:

ShapeWorks Formula 1 - Active people need high-performance foods. Ideally a pre-workout meal needs to be low in fat which lingers in your stomach and is harder to digest and low in fibre which can cause gastrointestinal distress. Formula 1 is the perfect food of choice. It provides the ultimate clean-burning, easily absorbed and assimilated fuel. Formula 1 has been scientifically formulated to supply balanced protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre, to ensure the active body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimum performance. No contest! Formula 1 is   has a low glycemic index and thus produces a steady release of energy into the system as required by athletes.  The shake only has 6.5 g of fat.

New Formula 1 Sport - Milk protein, complex carbs, fibre vitamins and minerals. Includes L-Glutamine supports muscle growth and immune function. And complex carbs, fibre vitamins and minerals.

New Free from Formula 1 Shake - Leading sportsmen and women including well known tennis players, have switched to a gluten free diet and seen big improvements in performance. This shake, ideal as pre-workout, match or race meal is free from lactose, gluten and soy.

add micronutrient supplementation "exercise drains nutrients"

ShapeWorks Formula 2  Is your body getting enough of the essential nutrients that it needs for optimum well being? Vitamins and minerals help you to utilize your fuel supply. Relying on your supermarket to supply fresh fruit & vegetables crammed with nutrients? Intensive exercise drains the body of nutrients. Top-up your body's needs with this comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula. What is the difference between these products and other supplements available from the chemist or supermarket?

add "nutrient packed" bar in place of "sugar packed" bar!
Protein Bar Great for your work-out sessions.  A tasty, chewy energy top-up. Most snacks are fat and sugar laden, this product provides excellent nutritional balance, anytime, anywhere. And adds 10g of protein to your diet. Are you getting the right protein intake?
Lift Off Energy Drink - With an exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana, caffeine, Liftoff™  fights fatigue. Popular just before the workout/match.

Niteworks for improving athletic performance. That is getting oxygen to the muscle more quickly. Take 1-2 spoons in water.
 New study showing the benefits of L-Arginine and Antioxidants for sports

add a hydration drink

Hydrate -
Light workout and keep hydrated during the day. Calorie free hypotonic drink helps promote fluid absorption, providing electrolytes and B Vitamins. Support energy metabolism with key B Vitamins( B1, B2,B12 pantothenic acid) and Vitamin C. Provides antioxidant protection to help protect the body against free radical damage and boost immunity during and after physical exercise.

H3O Pro™ Isotonic Drink  Use during your workout to keep you hydrated whilst providing a supply of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants to help power an exceptional performance. However H3O Pro™ can also help you stay hydrated and energised before your workout.

Thermojetics® Beverage  Perfect for your work-out. Refreshing, contains green tea and other beneficial botanicals to support normal vitality and provide an invigorating feeling. Contains caffeine to help improve endurance and help combat tiredness associated with exercise. Caffeine is well known for enhancing sporting performance.

New Prolong This unique isotonic drink combines dual sourced carbohydrates, electrolytes and when protein isolate to enhance sports performance during prolonged exercise. Enriched with Vitamin C an B vitamins(including niacin and pantothenic acid)

add a recovery drink

Within the first 30 minutes of completing your workout, drink Formula 1 mixed in juice/water. Don't miss the WINDOW! This simply means that we have a "30 MINUTE WINDOW when our fuel tanks-our muscles-are most receptive towards being refilled.

Formula 3 Protein Supplement Powder Protein is an essential component of virtually every cell in the body. But many people don’t always get enough protein from their diets for optimal health. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the extra protein for strength, endurance and recovery. This easy-to-use, flavourless powder is extremely versatile, add it to soups, sauces, shakes and even hot cereals. Protein Supplement Powder is an excellent way to supplement and nurture your body with a daily boost of protein.
New Rebuild Endurance - Enhance glycogen replacement and muscle recovery after every workout. Enriched with L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine for post exercise high intensity aerobic exercise. The 3.5 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein(whey) is designed to replenish glycogen and rebuild muscle, reducing recovery times.
New Rebuild Strength - High protein and carbohydrate recovery drink delivers amino acids to fatigued muscles post-anaerobic exercise.` Enhances muscle recovery by supporting the delivery of amino acids for muscle synthesis.
add anti-oxidants to aid recovery such as Hydrate
Specialist Products Click Here for specialist products such as  Xtra Cal - which contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to maintain strong, healthy bones.
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