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Advanced hydration with bioavailable electrolytes.
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A low calorie source of bioavailable electrolytes designed for advanced hydration. Ideal for a shorter workout (exercising over an hour use  Prolong or H30 Pro ) and keep hydrated during the day. The hypotonic electrolyte content ensures instant hydration and uptake of fluids is even faster than that of pure water for advanced hydration. Water alone is not effective at rehydrating for strenuous or prolonged exercise.

Note some sport drinks are too high in sugar to let the body absorb any of the nutrients (including water). Stress   from the heat and the anxiety of racing can also make it more difficult to tolerate these sugary foods and drinks. As a result, athletes can get stomach cramps through dehydration.

Athletes who drink Hydrate before, during and after activity report feeling improved concentration and mental clarity - they also suffer a significantly reduced amount of muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches which can be caused by dehydration. Even a 2% drop in hydration levels can affect performance!
herbalife 24- hydration in sport Key Benefits/Why24?:

Contains only 13 calories per serving when mixed with 500ml of water and consumed over 90 minutes before, during and after activity. (Low compared to other sports / isotonic drinks).

Bioavailable electrolytes for rapid body fluid restoration

Hydrate contains a blend of Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium which replaces the salts lost through sweating; restoring the electrolyte balance is key to proper hydration and improved performance.

High level of B Vitamins support carbohydrate metabolism. Helps to extract energy from the nutrition you eat.

Antioxidant support from Vitamin C(100% RDA) to protect against free radical damage.

Allows you to exercise harder for longer while keeping you protected from cell damage.

Only 1g sugar and caffeine free!

Naturally sweetened and subtle taste.

This unique calorie free hypotonic drinks helps promote fluid absorption, providing electrolytes and B Vitamins. Supports energy metabolism with key B Vitamins( B1, B2,B12 pantothenic acid) and Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection to help protect the body against free radical damage and boost immunity during and after physical exercise. Whatever your activity level, you can use Hydrate at any time during the day – morning, during workouts or even at night.

Fast Facts:

Low Calorie :When you need the hydration, not the calories. Contains less than 15 calories.
Low Sugar: Only 1 g of sugar per serving.
Caffeine free.
Convenient “on the go” packaging allows for hydration anytime.
Maintain proper fluid levels throughout the day.
Flavour: Orange
20 convenient stick packs
Usage: Mix 1 stick pack with 16 fl oz (500ml) of water.


Athletes or physically active people who need low calorie hydration.
Athlete during intense training
Anyone exercising before or after work
Anyone who has a physically demanding job or works in hot, dry conditions

Sports Performance with Hydrate

"My favourite Herbalife 24 product is the hydrate, which is supplied in sachets. I find it awesome for helping me to hydrate, it really allows me to feel that I'm not going to cramp up in the middle and also being keeper I need to concentrate for long periods of time and if I'm hydrated I find that really helps me. Herbalife 24 hydrate keeps me hydrated right up until six o'clock in the evening" Ben Brown, Sussex CC More Testimonials on Facebook

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Additional Information:

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