Sports Calories - Pre, During and Post Race Nutrition

Nutritional solution for the 24-hour Athlete

The research behind our products is led by a panel comprised of world-renowned experts in nutrition science. These experts include former athletes, competitive cyclists and researchers who have made significant contributions in the nutrition field.

Dr. John Heiss is the director of Herbalife’s sports and fitness products for worldwide product marketing. With his expertise, the company launched Herbalife24, the first phase of a new program of high-performance sports products.

Before joining Herbalife, Heiss was the founder of an endurance sports nutritional company. He earned a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in biological chemistry, where he discovered how single proteins function within cells. The findings from his research work have been published in several peer-reviewed journals.
As a category 2 competitive cyclist, Heiss has a keen understanding of the nutritional and caloried needs of endurance athletes. He also earned a belt buckle at the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race and set a course record in the 2-person division at the Furnace Creek 508 – a 508 mile non-stop bike race.

Here are nutritional tips from Dr Heiss, from the Leadville100:

Pre-Race Nutrition - Week before, Meal before the race and just before the race


During Race Nutrition - Hydration and Calories


Post Race Nutrition - Recovery


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