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Hydrate provides advanced hydration with bioavailable electrolytes.
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"The Hydrate powder comes in little sticks so itís perfect for a purse, desk drawer or gym bag. I opened one and mixed it into water. My husband and I both tried it and thought it tasted good. It tastes like lemonade, but lighter instead of being too sweet. My husbandís going to keep some in his gym bag to mix in water bottles during and after his workouts"

"My favourite Herbalife 24 product is the hydrate, which is supplied in sachets. I find it awesome for helping me to hydrate, it really allows me to feel that I'm not going to cramp up in the middle and also being keeper i need to concentrate for long periods of time and if I'm hydrated I find that really helps me. Herbalife 24 hydrate keeps me hydrated right up until six o'clock in the evening" Ben Brown, Sussex CCC More Testimonials on Facebook

"I used to suffer wth cramping a lot so it was always trying to find a way of replacing all the things I was losing whilst I was bowling and for me it's Hydrate-it's just a good way to get them back on board, all the salts and stuff without getting too many calories in your system, so it's been one of the products that's helped me quite a lot and so I have it in my drinks bottle, topped up regularly" James Anyon, Sussex CCC

"The portability of the product was fantastic and really helped me stay on top of my hydration while traveling (and helped drinking tap water that didnít taste really great either.) During that few weeks of hot weather, hours of running and biking I havenít suffered any calf cramps which is fairly common for me under such conditions. I canít directly correlate the 2 but it was something out of the norm and only changed with the product use" RB

"Basically, I like to look at Herbalife24 Hydrate as enhancing my water because essentially that is what it does. It has a bunch of electrolytes in it with B-vitamins and antioxidants. It is low-calorie if you are just looking to stick with purely water then Hydrate is perfect because it does not have much sugar in it at all and purely is for giving water a little taste with some helpful vitamins and electrolytes in it to help sustain your workout. . Plus, I like the taste Ė it is light enough that its refreshing and it doesnít taste syrupy either. I never experienced any intestinal discomfort or bloating with it so that was important. I have had issues with similar things in the past but most of them had a carb-source in it" Wesley

Endurance athletes including Reading FC Footballer/ Coach/Head of Sports Science:


Team Spidertech, Pro Cycling Team talking about the importance of hydration


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