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Proper fuelling during exercise improves performance and speeds recovery time
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Prolong has been developed by experts in sports nutrition. Convenient, carbohydrate and protein based isotonic electrolyte lemon flavoured 'all-in-one'  drink fot anyone who trains or competes at moderate to high intensities over an extended period of time. Prolong allows you to sustain performance as combines dual sourced carbohydrates, electrolytes and a small amount of whey protein isolate to enhance sports recovery during prolonged exercise.  Enriched with Vitamin C an B vitamins(including niacin and pantothenic acid), this drinks helps you maintain effective hydration and provides antioxidant protection.
carboydrate and electrolytes sports drink Key Benefits / Why Prolong?:

A dual-source carbohydrate, a blend of maltodextrin and low glycemic fructose gives you an immediate and sustained energy supply.

Contains 224 calories per serving when mixed with 500ml of water providing a great energy source before or during intense or extended bouts of exercise.

Bio available electrolytes drive effective fluid uptake and help maintain a cellular environment for proper muscle contraction.

A 7:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio with ultrapure whey protein isolate helps reduce muscle breakdown during the high demands placed on them and aid muscle recovery. This is defined as pre-recovery by Dr Heiss.

B Vitamins boost metabolism of carbohydrates into energy.

500% daily value of Vitamin C to scavenge cell-damaging free radicals during and after exercise.

This supplement provides increased performance and protection in one, it hydrates to reduce cramp, increase stamina and reduce recovery time.

Dual-source blend of carbohydrate.
Maltodextrin, a long chain of rapidly metabolized glucose units, is absorbed through one transporter. Fructose, a more slowly metabolized carbohydrate, is absorbed through a separate transporter. The combination of both carbohydrates provides immediate and sustained energy and facilitates caloric utilization, allowing athletes to sustain performance at a given effort for a longer period of time.
prolongFast Facts:

Dual-source carbohydrate blend facilitates caloric utilisation.
Whey protein isolate helps reduce muscle breakdown.
Electrolytes support proper muscle function.
B Vitamins support carbohydrate metabolism.
500% DV Vitamin C helps combat free radicals
Subtle easy to drink lemon Flavour, 37 oz, 900g Canister

Example caloric usage:

1 hour sustained hard bike ride: 900 calories,
4 hour bike race: 3,500 calories
Marathon: 3,000 calories
1 hour swim: 600 calories
90 minute professional soccer match: 2,000-2,500 calories

Electrolyte demand:

Soccer players lose 2 L sweat, >1.5 g sodium per game
Cyclists lose 1-2 L sweat, >1 g sodium per hour


Consume Prolong during high-intensity or extended exercise. Add 4 scoops to 500ml water. Drink one bottle(500ml) per hour. Compare with other isotonic drinks from Herbalife.

Why you need it?

Proper fuelling during exercise improves performance. The dual-source carbohydrate system in Prolong means more calories utilized per hour, increased glycogen conservation and faster recovery. Elevated electrolyte levels are critical to reduce cramping, maintain hydration and stabilize body temperature. And it’s all thanks to science.

Why Pre-Recovery?

Are you training and playing several times a week, and need to recover asap. Yet the recovery process can take over 24 hours? Many athletes separate the "during" nutrition with "recovery" nutrition. Dr Heiss maintains that you should start the recovery process with what you consume during exercise which speeds up the recovery time. That's why Prolong contains, electrolytes, carbohydrates and a small amount of protein.

Usage scenarios

Anyone who trains or competes at moderate to high intensities over an extended period of time.
Athletes with high caloric needs.
Triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers in training or competition.
Triathlete completing brick workout.
Cyclist on a 4 hour bike ride.
Swimmer completing a morning workout.
Football players.
High aerobic athletes.
Professional with a physically-demanding job.

Sports Performance with Prolong

"PROLONG has the right mix of carbs, protein, vitamins and electrolytes to fuel really long, all-day efforts. No bloating. No gassy feeling." Nate Whitman, Pro Mountain Bike Athlete, Herbalife24 Beta Program Participant

'Prolong – I thought it would be difficult for the body to absorb such a nutritive drink, but it proved otherwise. It's great!' Rafeal Arroja, Portugal.

'Prolong has really been the big difference. Before I had gel, bars, bananas and a lot of things in my pockets, when I was racing. Now, Prolong gives me everything I need during the race. This helps me to concentrate and focus on the biking, and not think about when to eat and how'. Kjell Kirkeng, Norway.

'Wow I love 24! Started on it 10 days ago as part of my Triathlon nutrition programme in preparation for a half Ironman on 25th Sept. Last Saturday had F1 sport at 06:00 swam for an hour had Prolong at 08:00 then raced 5k at 09:00 set a PB and won my age group, what more can I say?! Ian Cyclist, UK

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Herbalife24 Prolong is the official on-course endurance drink at the Leadville Trail 100 . It has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavour, plus provides all the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race like Leadville.

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Additional Information:

Prolong Presentation (pdf)

Prolong Label - Europe

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product should be used as part of a balanced diet and varied diet in line with a healthy lifestyle.

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