recovery after exercise
The recovery process should start with what you consume during the race.
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pre-recovery Interview on nutrition for endurance exercise with Dr. John Heiss, Director of Sports and Fitness for Herbalife on Sept 1st. The sports nutrition element of the show starts at 16 min 50 secs.

Programme - La Talk Radio - The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

Before joining Herbalife, Heiss was the founder of an endurance sports nutrition company. He earned a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in biological chemistry, where he discovered how single proteins function within cells. The findings from his research work have been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

As a category 2 competitive cyclist, Heiss has a keen understanding of the nutritional needs of endurance athletes. He has earned two belt buckles at the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race and set a course record in the 2-person division at the Furnace Creek 508 a 508 mile non-stop bike race.

Facts and Figures - Dr Heiss completed the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race in a little under 9 hours. He consumed only Prolong an endurance and electrolyte drink. During the race he burnt approx 5000 calories and consumed 8 servings of Prolong at 300 calories per bottle.

Pre-recovery - Heiss talks about pre-recovery , that is preventative recovery. Many athletes separate the "during" nutrition with "recovery" nutrition. Heiss maintains that you should start the recovery process with what you consume during exercise.

He recommends that a large carbohydrate meal should be 48 hours before the event, a normal meal the night before, not too heavy. Then options for a pre-race meal including Formula 1 Sport.

Sports Performance with Prolong

Prolong is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique isotonic drink allows you to sustain performance as combines dual sourced carbohydrates, electrolytes and a small amount of whey protein isolate to enhance recovery time during prolonged exercise. Enriched with Vitamin C an B vitamins(including niacin and pantothenic acid), this drinks helps you maintain effective hydration and provides antioxidant protection. Bioavailable electrolytes( easily abosrbed) help support muscle contraction and maintain a properly functioning cellular environment.

Wetch video of Dr Heiss at the Leadville 100 Endurance Event

Watch videos from Athletes using Herbalife 24 Prolong

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