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“I cut 15 minutes off my ‘previous best’ triathlon time and won a gold medal at the World Age Group Championship! After only a few months on Herbalife’s nutritional products I was running lighter, feeling better and my recovery time after competitions was a lot quicker.”

Sue Worley, Australia
World Age Group Championship
Gold Medalist
ndividual results will vary.


"Using the Herbalife program I was able to lose 6kg of excess weight I was carrying. Rather than being weakened by this, the products amazingly also helped increase my stamina levels!" "Herbalife nutrition products have helped me gain that competitive edge" and win the Tour de France 1996. "I cannot recommend Herbalife products enough, all my team is on the program".  

Bjarne Riis
-Winner Tour de France 1996:
ndividual results will vary.

Added benefit to have nutritional support provided by Herbalife

"My expectations were that Herbalife supplements would aid my body in staying well and healthy. You can't afford to waste time when training schedules are drawn up a year in advance and my own expectations of my body meant I was willing Herbalife to come up with a competitive edge."

Without a doubt, the products have surpassed my expectations. Physiological testing by both the Victorian and Australian Institutes of Sport suggests my body is well balanced for road cycling, and it is an added benefit to have the nutritional support provided by Herbalife."

Brad Davidson

ndividual results will vary.

Increase in energy and stamina and in the process lost a stubborn 5 kgs and 23cms

I have been an active athlete throughout my life enjoying squash, netball, basketball, weight training, competitive dressage. Before I started on Herbalife, I was falling asleep every afternoon at work (standing up and leaning against the wall in the ladies restrooms). On a really bad day I wouldn’t even make it to 10.00am without nodding off. Convinced I was exercising enough, eating properly and certainly getting enough sleep I was very disappointed with my state of health at that time.

A good friend introduced me to the Sports Programme and within 2 days I noticed an increase in energy and vitality. I have lost 5 kgs that no amount of exercise would shift, a total of 23 cm, (5cm from each thigh, 5cm from hips and 5cm from waist), my body fat percentage is 16 and my resting heart rate has dropped from 65 to 56. And in 2002, at 44, I competed in a corporate rowing regatta and cycled 582kms over 8 days from Bundaberg to Brisbane in September. Herbalife has also helped improve my stamina and recovery time.
I am very happy now with my well-defined shape and the overall improvement in my health and well-being. Herbalife is the best form of health insurance for me. I use all the products now and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.
Jenny Thurley

ndividual results will vary.

We want a place on that podium!”

To the top with Herbalife
The mountain bikers, ranging in age from 17 to 21, are supported by a professional team of coaches, with a team manager, a technical manager and a commercial manager. Such a team naturally calls for a programme of carefully balanced nutritional support. This is where Herbalife comes in.

Getting used to the products
Ronald: “We started using the products in December. The lads took some time getting used to them in the beginning, just like the brand new bikes, which they received from their main, sponsor (the world’s largest manufacturer of sports bikes). Since then they have been faithfully using Formula 1 and Formula 2 as the basis of their programme; they also use Vitamin and mineral tablets, Cell Nutrition, the new Protein powder, Herbalifeline, RoseOx and Protein bars.

Ambitious aims
The Goossens Merida mountain bike team, as they are officially called, is aiming high. Most promising in the team of five are probably Mathijs Wagenaar (according to Ronald Kok, “the best talent in the Netherlands”) and the baby of the team, Hans Becking. The youngster, who is barely 17, was last year’s Dutch newcomers champion. But the other three sportsmen show great potential too, and are itching to win medal places during the seven month long European championships (March to October). Trainer Gerton Bosgoed also has a rewarding task guiding the (group) training sessions and recording the cyclists’ progress.

To the Olympic Games!
Ronald Kok: “We are focusing this year on qualification for the World and European championships and want to get our hands on the World and European cups. We are also going for two national tricolours, the so-called Espoirs and Juniors. Our main aim is for the team to take part in the Olympic games in Athens.” To achieve all these extremely ambitious

We are also aims, it is important that the cyclists are in the public eye, especially during the international competitions. As Kok says: “That is the best way to ensure pre-selection for the Games. And with such high aims, you are putting a lot of pressure on the lads’ physical condition.”

Fast progress
Technical manager, Peter Dorland, adds: “Nutrition, and in particular nutritional supplements, are currently extremely important for sports people. We pay a lot of attention to this. In the past we have been keeping a record of all the lads’ prime functions, such as resting pulse rate, heart rate and recovery time after training. It is unbelievable how what an effect the Herbalife products have on these factors. And although the lads, most of whom are still at school, have less time to train than the real ‘big names’, their performances have improved in leaps and bounds.”

Much shorter recovery times

The mountain bikers and their managers are in their element with the expert support of Dinie, Cor and Heather. Coach-trainer Peter Dorland: “They also keep diaries, where they maintain daily records of their results. You can see that they all have much shorter recovery times, and they feel much stronger, even straight after heavy training sessions. Their muscle strength is improving, which can be partly attributed to the use of Protein powder. With the Herbalifeline, their powers of concentration are improved enormously. Their fat percentages have also reduced considerably; in the case of Rick, for example, from 9.5 to 7%. Like the Hb content: Bjorn’s is now 9.8, which is fantastic. They all say they feel less tired in the evenings. And there are other advantages.

ndividual results will vary.

Goossens Merida Mountain Bike team. Eerbeek 

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 All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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