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Ball Sports Success Stories -We have millions of customers from every walk of life. Our naturally derived  products are easy to use, cost effective and can create dramatic results. Here are a few comments:
Golf success stories
Football Success Stories

“Within two weeks my fans and team members saw an improvement in my performance. Now I’m able to maintain peak physical condition, even through intensive training, basketball games, lots of travel and a very hectic lifestyle!” Individual results will vary.

Wayne Larkins
Professional Basketball Player
"The Faldo Junior Series aims to nurture the next generation of champions” We have helped boys and girls in Great Britain & Ireland and national teams: Two members of the victorious 2001 Walker Cup team. Three members of the 2003 Walker Cup Squad.
“The game is no longer about talent alone, the physical and mental side have become huge”.
The Faldo Junior Series golfers, “ get the best diet, training, practice disciplines, guidance in thought processes, the best.” Individual results will vary.
Nick Faldo
The Herbalife products have allowed me to keep in just as good a shape as I had when I was playing top class rugby. Not bad when you consider that my training regime presently consists of just doing press-ups and sit-ups morning and evening which, as you can imagine, is not quite the schedule I used to maintain!

My full time job currently consists of sitting in a cockpit hours on end. It is a very sedentary existence and indeed before I took the products it meant that I was fast turning into your overweight, stereotypical, middle-aged pilot, not to mention ex rugby player. I have now taken control of my nutrition and not only have I stopped middle-aged spread I have also begun to give my body the best protection I can from the damaging environment in which I work.
Thankfully I have discovered these products and they have made a huge difference to me. But if only I had discovered them during my playing days, knowing now how important optimum nutrition is for optimal performance. I am positive that whatever your challenges the products can help you too. Don't look back with regret as I do now. You have the gift of good nutrition right now. Take the products, feel the difference and enjoy a new beginning. Individual results will vary.

Tony Underwood
England Rugby International

Andy Hill played professional football for Manchester United, Bury, Manchester City, Port Vale and now coaches in the United States PDL League and Nevada’s Olympic Development Programme.

“I was introduced to Herbalife products whilst coaching in Nevada in the United States. Several of the players started taking the products the results of which were quite astonishing.

After two months of using the Herbalife products, the players took a physical condition test which revealed that their blood was in excellent condition, their cholesterol was at a very healthy level and that all the players taking the products were in a lot better shape compared to previous tests.

They recovered far more quickly after exercise. I am totally convinced that these products will help improve the sports performance of any one who uses them. Pre Season in Nevada starts in March and all my players will be using them throughout the season.” Individual results will vary.

Andy Hill, UK Professional Footballer for Manchester United


Football Success Stories

I"For breakfast we're having Herbalife milk shakes and Marmite on toast and we love it".
Cronje's Corner - Springbok Cricket Team: Individual results will vary.

Results were excellent. Andrew found he had energy to burn. "I was able to train longer, harder and more often, which meant my fitness increased dramatically." As a bonus, Andrew lost 4 kilograms of excess body fat. "I feel absolutely charged without having to drag that extra baggage around the field."  Individual results will vary.

Andrew Bews - Brisbane Bears Aussie Rules Football Club

I play cricket for Wootton Basset 2nd XI as opening bowler.  Before I started Herbalife I weighed 196lbs and had to split my bowling spell into 2.  I was bowling 8 overs and then 4, because I got out of breath after my initial 8 overs and found that I could not concentrate on the game anymore.

 This was mid cricket season and I immediately started on the products in the IBP (Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Thermojetics Beverage).  The results were almost immediate.  I lost 12lbs in my first 2 weeks on the products!  My concentration and energy levels improved beyond belief and I could complete my bowling spell of 12 overs without a break.  Best of all, by the end of the game I still had lots of energy. 

 I have since lost a total of 23lbs and was awarded the bowling trophy by taking a total of 41 wickets in my first season with the club Individual results will vary.

B. Thurtell

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 All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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