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beach volleyball training

Dear Michael and Greg:

My name is Elaine Young (aka EY) I'm 35 years old and am a professional beach volleyball player on the AVP tour. My partner Rachel Wacholder and I are #2 team on tour and recently beat the "untoucable" Gold Medalists Misty May and Keri Walsh in a nationally televised final on NBC. We are improving everyday and expect to beat them again in the near future. The victory was no coincidence for me personally.

I signed an endorsement deal with Liftoff/Herbalife 2 months ago and immediately began using a variety of the products. As a result I have had huge changes in my body, mind, and energy levels. I make a shake every morning before starting my day, using Formula 1 and 3. I also take, Niteworks every evening.

I have an abundance of energy, feel as though I never tire and also am mentally sharp. Liftoff has really helped me focus. I mix one tablet before most matches and feel instantly energized, but not shaky, and very focused. I've received many compliments on my lean physique, which makes me feel good.

But what really makes me feel great is being on top of my game and competing every weekend for 1st place in tournaments, and having a clear mind and energy to do so. Thank you for not only bringing me on as part of the Liftoff team, but for helping me be a more confident, fit, energetic pro beach volleyball player!



beach volleyball training


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