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Football training

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We have millions of customers from every walk of life. Our naturally derived  products are easy to use, cost effective and can create dramatic results. Here are a few comments: Football Club Success Story

Andy Hill played professional football for Manchester United, Bury, Manchester City, Port Vale and now coaches in the United States PDL League and Nevadaís Olympic Development Programme.

ďI was introduced to Herbalife products whilst coaching in Nevada in the United States. Several of the players started taking the products the results of which were quite astonishing.

Football training:

After two months of using the Herbalife products, the players took a physical condition test which revealed that their blood was in excellent condition, their cholesterol was at a very healthy level and that all the players taking the products were in a lot better shape compared to previous tests.

They recovered far more quickly after exercise. I am totally convinced that these products will help improve the sports performance of any one who uses them. Pre Season in Nevada starts in March and all my players will be using them throughout the season.Ē

Andy Hill, UK Professional Footballer for Manchester United

Football Training

A welcome boost of energy
I started using Herbalife products and improving my eating habits during May last year and noticed my energy levels had improved after just one week- I wasnít expecting such a speedy result. And consistently waking up before the alarm was also a surprise, In less than a month, my waist and chest had reduced eight centimetres and I had shed three kilos.

Tom reveals all in the shower!
Training kicks of at the beginning of July. I hadnít seen my football pals for some time-they were in for a shock. I still remember their reaction; they just couldnít believe their eyes when they say me in the shower with, a new physique! They genuinely thought I had been on some special fitness regime to build up my body. In reality of course the only regime I had embarked on was to change my eating habits and use the Herbalife products on a regular basis.

Tried and tested with proof absolute
After two months of following my healthier regime and using the Herbalife products, I took a physical condition test, the results of which were quite something (for those in the know, here are the results: V02 max 68.5 where you start to produce lactate in the muscles = 16.1km/h, fat percentage 6.9%). The test revealed that my blood was in excellent condition and my cholesterol was at a very healthy level. My physical condition, according to this latest test, proved that I was in a lot better shape compared to the tests I underwent when I was a full professional-training twice a day. No more stiffness and aching muscles I think the most helpful and welcome aspect of my new regime is how quickly I recover after hard training or after a game. That stiffness you always expect and aching muscles, well its now completely gone. Tomís formula for success

Here's the line-up of products I use as part of my nutrition programme:

Formula 1, before and after training Formula 1 two hours after a game or heavy training
F 2, F4 three times a day with meals
Rose Ox every morning and directly after a game or training session I also drink

Finally I use
Herbalifeline on a daily basis. Since I included it in my programme, I've noticed I havenít had one injury, even though Iím playing tennis and cycling, in addition to football. Its now been 12 months since I first started using Herbalifes products and I'm totally convinced that these products will help improve the sports performance of anyone who uses them

Tom Verdegem, Semi -professional football player (Ex-professional)


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Football training

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