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Ernie Shavers
Double World Heavyweight Contender

"As I look back over my boxing career, my only regret was not having Herbalife nutritional products in my life at that time. I started boxing in January 1967 and went on to have a successful amateur boxing career and became national AAU Heavyweight Championship in 1969. Later that year I started my professional boxing career that was when the legend of my punching power started to unfold.

My résumé of opponents resembles a “Who’s Who” of heavyweight boxing history. Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Jimmy Ellis, Jerry Quarry, Jimmy Young, Joe Bugner, James “Quick” Tillis, Randal “Tex” Cobb, Roger “Tiger” Williams, Ron Lyle, Henry Clark, Chuck Leslie, Vincente Rondon, Bernardo Mercado, among many others.

The physical demands on your body are immense, especially when you are fighting for the Heavyweight Championship of the World against fighters of Muhammad Ali’s and Larry Holmes’ calibre. It is therefore vital that you nurture your body with the very best nutrition available. Herbalife would have given me a good supply of vitamins and minerals I needed for fuel. When I had Muhammad Ali hurt in the second round, I could have finished him off and not worried about punching myself out. And when I had Larry Holmes down and hurt in the seventh round, I could have finished him off. You see, all I needed was Herbalife nutritional products to become Champion of the World.

I have used a lot of good nutritional products over the years and they have helped, but none of them gave me the energy or can compare to Herbalife nutritional products – they are the best I’ve ever used in my entire life. I am now doing things that I did thirty years ago, with energy to spare. When I am in the gym hitting the heavy bag I feel my punching power is as good as it was when I was in my prime, if not better. My recovery time is much better than it has been for years.

I use Formula 1, Formula 2, Cell Activator, Formula 3, Thermo Complete, Herbal Aloe Concentrate, Extra-Cal Tablets, Herbalifeline, Thermojetics Protein Bars, RoseOx, Schizandra Plus and Protein Supplement Powder.

These products will help to ensure that you “feel the difference” and stay energised throughout the day. I only wish I had these products during my fight career."

After having an operation to his nose, he had difficulty in maintaining his weight. He went on the Herbalife Cellular Nutrition program and found the extra fat coming off and at the same time maintaining his strength. "I could train longer and harder and resume competitive training in the lightweight category, thus, reaching my goals".

Sam Koulianos - Amateur State Lightweight Boxing Champion:



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