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Triathlon Training-We have millions of customers from every walk of life. Our naturally derived products are easy to use, cost effective and can create dramatic results. Here are a few comments:

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"I had the drive, but lacked the energy." With a vigorous three-to-five-day-a-week training schedule, Katie had the discipline and determination to compete in triathlons, but she battled morning headaches and nausea. Nothing helped until Katie incorporated the ShapeWorks Weight-Management Programme into her training regimen. Within days, her energy skyrocketed and her headaches and nausea disappeared.

This enabled Katie to finish ninth out of 190 women in a triathlon last summer and last fall Katie completed a half-marathon in her best time, finishing 15th out of 480!

Now Katie feels like she can be a better example as a triathlete and physical-education teacher, "Because I teach the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, it's imperative that I also live that lifestyle."

Katie's ultimate goal is to "compete in the IRON MAN Madison Triathlon in the fall of 2004", beams Katie. "And with Herbalife, I'll be there!"*

Food Diary

Katie F. , Triathlete
Before: 160 pounds
After: 145 pounds


"After 5 years lay-off from competitive sport I began my "come-back" training program. The big problem was that 6 months down the track I still had not made any progress. I had managed to lose 2kg, but my main concern was the fact that I suffered from perpetual fatigue. My daily training combined swimming, cycling and running, and I never seemed to recover adequately between sessions. This eventually caused damage and worst of all INJURY!! I was ready to concede (like most guys my age) that it was part of reaching the 40's. A friend suggested me to try the Herbalife Cellular Nutrition program, which I did. "My body shape has changed, my weight has stabilized, my body fat has reduced, and most important of all the increase in energy levels naturally lead to a better recovery time, allowing maximum benefit from training and ultimately great performance results".

Paul van Eyssen -Springbok Water -skier, Tri-Athlete Champion

“I cut 15 minutes off my ‘previous best’ triathlon time and won a gold medal at the World Age Group Championship! After only a few months on Herbalife’s products I was running lighter, feeling better and my recovery time after competitions was a lot quicker.”

Sue Worley -Australia Triathlon World Age Group Championship Gold Medallist

Feeling my Best, and Gaining Success with the Herbalife Nutritional Range

Cara Lee is a 31 year old athlete. She competes throughout the year for both triathlons and endurance events.
"I train for three and a half hours a day, six days a week, on top of this I have a full time job, which includes four hours per day in a swimming pool couching children and adults; I'm also a spinning instructor! My weekends are usually packed with training or competitions, so I really need all the help I can get, to have enough energy to get me through each day! I have tried many supplements to help maintain my energy levels, however none had ever given me consistent results."

"Discovering the nutritional range"
"In April 2002, I was introduced to Herbalife Nutritional products.  At the meeting several testimonials from other athletes blew me away! The results they claimed the Herbalife nutritional products gave them were incredible, I had to try them for myself!"

"Achieving results!"
"After just two weeks of taking these products I had a great feeling of energy, my body fat had decreased by two percent from 14 percent to 12 percent and the look and feel of my skin improved greatly. After taking the products for six months, I also noticed an increase in my recovery time between training sets and sessions (shown on my heart rate monitor), an increase in muscle and overall fitness levels, a great feeling of well-being and happiness and my skin has got better and better!"

"Dreams coming true"
"These products have also made a significant difference to my race results. I've managed to shave a minute off my overall time and last year I was selected to compete for my country at the Triathlon World Championship in Cancun, Mexico."

Cara Lee, Triatlete-South Africa



Triathlon is an endurance sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running in concession without a break. The distances I personally race at vary from 750m-swim/20km cycle/5km run to 3.8km-swim/180km cycle/42km run. The training required must reflect the distances you race hence the importance of high quality nutrition to aid recovery from intensive training which in turn leads to increased performance.

On a personal level, pre-January 2003 would of seen me trying to combat the effects of "over-training" with constant fluctuations in weight, reduced vitality levels, poor training and race performances plus numerous colds. Very frustrating!

 I was introduced to Herbalife in January 2003 and immediately started using the products I had in my I.B.P. The nutrition I was receiving enabled me to increase my training volume safely within a short period of time, aid recovery from hard sessions and has ultimately increased my performance.

I would use the F1 and Protein Powder twice a day to supplement my existing diet. Once as an addition to my porridge/cereal for breakfast and an additional shake directly after a harder training session. I would normally train twice daily for up-to 16hrs/week. The addition of Schizandra Plus. and Rose Ox has also enhanced my ability to recover, powerful antioxidants and the ability to utilise the oxygen in your blood plays a key role for endurance athletes looking for that extra edge the legal way!

2003 saw me qualify for the World Triathlon Championships as part of the British Age Group Team (30-34) in Queenstown-New Zealand, smash my Personal Best over Half-Marathon from 1hr21mins to 1hr16mins and already in early 2004 beat my 10k run time on a hilly course by 45 seconds. Herbalife Sports Nutrition really is THE BEST!"

David Mason, Triathlete


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