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marathon training schedules
“Coincidentally, the nutritional balance in Herbalife’s products turned out to be the exact ratio of protein and carbohydrate recommended for marathon training by my sports physician.”

Simon Baaij, The Netherlands
1999 Dutch Marathon Championship
Gold Medallist in the age 60-65 category
Improved Energy Levels For Endurance Runner
Martin Wood (Lincoln, England)

"My background is 28 years in the Police Force. I have been a Physical Training Instructor for more than 12 years and a Senior Coach with UK Athletics for 14 years. I have been involved in Athletics since I was at school in Yorkshire, and represented the Yorkshire Schools at Cross Country.

During my sports career, I have represented Great Britain in the European Police Championships in Munich, Germany, won 2 County Championships at High Jump and 2 at 3000m Steeplechase. I have also run 9 Marathons.
marathon training
In 1994 I returned to my favourite sport of Fell and Mountain running, and compete in races throughout the year, mainly in the Lake District, Pennines and Scotland. Before Herbalife I found it difficult to run or even jog the day after a hard or long race. Some races are in excess of 6 hours duration and 24 miles in length or multi-day Mountain Marathons or Adventure Races. Since starting to use Herbalife products in October 2001, I have found that my energy levels have improved dramatically. My recovery, particularly after races, and also hard training, has been greatly enhanced, to the point where I can run two hard fell races in three days and can still run the following day. This year, my race results have shown no loss of form or time, despite a lack of training due to work commitments, (and advancing years!), in fact in June 04, I set a new personal best for a 23 mile fell race, run in poor weather, that I set 8 years ago, in ideal conditions and did not expect to get near that time again. Herbalife has taken my running back to a point it was at 10 years ago. This is great, as I am now 46 and looking forward to the next 40 years of fell running, and feeling fantastic. I use Formula 1 for fuelling before, during and after exercise. I add protein powder for recovery and use Formula 2, Formula 3, Schizandra Plus and RoseOx every day, as well as all the other products."
marathon training schedules Lost 3 kilos and improved my marathon times

I thought that I was reasonably fit and healthy and weighed in at a satisfactory weight of 63-65 kgs. However, I was feeling the strain of a demanding business, work related travel, three small children, keeping up with the garden, training for and running 1/2 marathons, tennis and wherever possible skiing. On top of all this I had to deal with asthma and continual hay fever.

This was all until I was introduced to Herbalife. I managed to lose about 3 kilos but what was really amazing was the centimeters I lost, especially with my legs. My whole body just "firmed up". I now have stamina to burn and have never felt better or healthier before. Thanks to Herbalife I am continuing to better my Marathon times and feel fantastic.


"At the age of 41, competed in the London marathon, improved her half marathon time by three minutes, winning the medal. "By being on the Herbalife Cellular Nutrition program my stamina and energy levels improved dramatically. However, what really impressed me was the fact that my recovery time had decreased, to the point where the stiffness in my muscle had gone in 48hrs".

Penny Pearce - Long Distance Marathon Runner:

"Just over a week ago I completed a life long dream - I ran the world renowned Comrades Marathon (89 km). It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am convinced that Herbalife had a lot to do with it.

Previously I used to carbo-load seriously before a marathon. The problem with carbo-loading (for me) is that it throws your blood sugar levels into yo-yo mode and you feel bloated from all the starches. With Herbalife (mix the Formula 1 with Protein Shake) you feel completely filled and not heavy - magic! Every runner will know the importance of feeling this way. I also took some of the Protein Shake in small pouches with me on the run and mixed it in with water on the go. Works like magic.

Johann Truter, Marathon Runner, South Africa

 "My name is Derrick Varley and I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I have always considered myself fairly fit, having been into athletics for many years. My good friend David Bevan introduced me to the Herbalife products.

My energy levels and recovery times improved enormously. Having completed to previous Marathons in Athens, Greece and Disney Land America, only two and four months earlier, I then ran the London Marathon and knocked 44 minutes off my finish time!

I am now fifty-one years old and today have more energy and I am stronger than I was in my twenties. These products are truly amazing!

Derrick Varley, UK
Marathon Runner


marathon training
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Marathon Training Schedule

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Marathon Training Schedule

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