Rowing workouts

Roiwng workouts

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We have millions of customers from every walk of life. Our naturally derived  products are easy to use, cost effective and can create dramatic results. Here are a few comments:
I was fighting a losing battle! In order to be able to withstand the high strains of training and competitions I needed to eat a high calorific diet. I also needed to take many vitamin mineral and nutrient supplements. Unfortunately, despite being incredibly active, my weight increased and it was a continual fight between getting enough calories and trying to control my weight, and usually I lost!
I suffered from the yo-yo effect on each diet I triedÖ
After I finished competing, we started a family and whilst pregnant my weight increased dramatically. After each pregnancy, I found it increasingly hard to control my weight. I am a very disciplined person and every diet I tried I followed to the letter. However, like many people, I discovered that each time I
finished a diet the weight would come crashing back. Within a few weeks, Iíd weigh more than I had at the start of the diet! The quality of my life decreased and I started not wanting to leave the house or be seen. I felt a mess and didnít know what to do.


I shed a lot of excess weight and felt great! Then, on December 17th 1998, a flyer came through my door advertising Herbalife products. I hadnít heard of Herbalife before and decided to meet the Distributor and ask some questions
.After seeing my Herbalife Distributor I was impressed by the support she offered and I started a basic programme, using Formula 1 as a meal replacement for two meals a day, adding Formulas 2 and 3 and eating a normal balanced meal once a day. After the first week, although I hadnít lost any weight, I felt amazing! Before starting to use the products my moods had swung a lot during the course of a day. Within a week, I noticed a real change in this and felt happy and calm all day. After four weeks my weight started decreasing; I continued using the basic programme for a further three months and much of my excess weight disappeared during that time.
 Five years on and feeling fine!
Today I am such a different person to the person of five years ago; Iím very happy with my weight, which I have now maintained! Iím actively involved in sport again, like Thai Bo, aerobics and stamina training. The Herbalife products are great for athletesí nutrition; I wish Iíd heard of them a long time ago when I struggled so much with my diet and finding the right supplements. Now that I know about them I love telling others, knowing that Herbalife will make such a difference to their lives!

Ute Bode,Germany  is a World Champion rower


John took up rowing after a 30 year recess, joining a veteran squad at the Toowong Rowing Club. Geoff and Veronica Griffin introduced the benefits of Herbalife nutrition to our World Masters Games eight, and although we considered ourselves at the peak of our condition we lost an average of 6-8 kilos per man over the month long trial which equated losing the weight of a man from the boat. However more than this, from the moment we started Herbalife, there was a noticeable improvement in attitude and sharpening of focus in the crew, and a quantifiable improvement in performance. I have continued on after the 1994 Games with my rowing and the Herbalife program, and although only 2 events per day are recommended, I had the vitality and the stamina to compete in 7 events at the Australian Rowing Championships.

John Massey - Masters Rower and Schoolboy Coach

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 Rowing workouts| Rowing weight loss

Rowing workouts

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