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Niteworks™ is a revolutionary dietary supplement containing an exclusive blend of  amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline with other ingredients that trigger the production of healthful Nitric Oxide. This is important, because as you age, production of Nitric Oxide, the naturally occurring compound which affects circulatory vessel dilation and elasticity, declines.

Herbalife teamed with Dr. Ignarro to develop Niteworks™

herbalife niteworks

Dr. Louis Ignarro received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for “discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system.” Click here to find out more about NiteWorks.

herbalife shapeworks

The science behind ShapeWorks is based on the studies and findings of Dr David Herber PhD Chairman of Herbalife's Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr Herber believes that weight management programmes should be tailored to the individual, to their own shape, body composition and lifestyle.

 Read on and see how you can achieve your weight management goals with Dr Herbers expert advice.

Change your shape for life-with a new breakthrough personalised protein prescription

Dr. Heber maintains that everyone is born with a particular shape - and this shape makes a huge difference in how you should approach weight loss. He teaches the difference between the shape you can change and helps you find the personal protein prescription to best achieve your goals.

You can jump start your plan with the Empowering Shake - the best way to make sure you meet your protein needs and control hunger-and then you'll build your own ideal diet. Order the L.A. Shape Diet Book on Amazon

la shape diet

David Herber,
M.D.,Ph.D Director, UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition
If you already use a multivitamin daily, take the natural next step in skin care with Herbalife's
NouriFusion™ MultiVitamin Skin Care-
A Fusion of Science and Nature
- State-of-the-art skin care technologies, like Eyeliss™* for under-eye puffiness
- SPF 15 UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection
- Formulas made from skin-enhancing herbs and botanicals
Normal to Dry Skin?
Normal to Oily Skin?

“ACE for your face”

  • A helps regulate skin growth and promote skin cell renewal

  • C helps produce collagen and boosts skin's immune system
  • E smoothes skin surface and reduces skin inflammation
Herballife- Thermo Complete
Thermo Complete
A revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the shape -management process. Developed by a team of scientists which includes Dr Lou Ignarro 1998's Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology and Medicine. It provides a potent synergistic supplement, designed to invigorate your senses and wake-up your metabolism, naturally. Its your secret weapon in the war against fat-induced fatigue.
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Herbalife-faldo series

"Official supplier of  Sports Nutrition Products to the Faldo  Series and Team Faldo"

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All weight loss claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. The herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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