How to gain weight?


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How to gain weight? Do you:

A. Have a poor appetite? Finding it  difficult to take additional calories from food?  How to gain weight?
B. Eat lots of food and can't gain weight? Snacking your way to weight gain? Expensive snacks with little nutritional value? How to gain weight?
C. Want to gain muscle in the gym? Going to the gym and losing weight?  How to gain muscle?

What are the challenges in gaining weight?
Gaining weight is more difficult than losing it. You are not alone. Either the lack of appetite makes it very difficult to force down extra food. Or alternatively filling up on 'fast food' only generates fat and not muscle fibre.

Absorption of food? High consumption of foods doesn't always = high absorption, especially if additional calories are being taken in the form of sugary snacks and junk foods.

Fast food? Sugary Foods? Unhealthy foods? Using snacks/fast food in an attempt to gain weight? And if you do gain weight its just around the stomach? And its expensive too.

Your body fat % is more that of an overweight person? Aim to put on muscle fibre not fat.

Negative nutrition?-Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on negative nutrition Smoking, alcohol, coffee, stress, fast food, processed food, prescription medication all make it more difficult to absorb the nutrients from food.

Are you getting a balanced diet? A balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins?

Cows milk? Have you taken shakes in cows milk and felt bloated, lethargic and then lost your appetite? Lactose intolerance is a common problem

Bodybuilding shakes/ Protein Powders? Walked into a high street store and they've are recommended shakes designed for bodybuilders, yet you're not doing any work with weights?

Shakes sold on the high street? Check labels for ingredients i.e. do they contain water/sugar/corn syrup and maltodextrin (one major brand)? So sugar drinks promoted as balanced nutrition!

Burning calories whist exercising? Been to the gym for weight training and now your lighter than when you started? Playing lots of sports? Burning more fuel than consuming?

Sufficient nutrients? Is your body getting enough of the essential nutrients (minerals and vitamins) to utilise its fuel supply. Relying on your supermarket to supply fresh fruit & vegetables crammed with nutrients. Early harvest, agri-chemicals, long storage, processing and over cooking all deplete the natural content of fresh produce. .Are you taking a quality vitamin and mineral supplement from a specialist supplier i.e. not from the high street?

Resistance training? Exercising with weights will help you if are already "eating lots of food and not putting on weight". However, exercise burns up fuel, follow fuelling and refuelling routines. Exercise also drains nutrients.

You need to regularly take in more calories than you burn. Set yourself realistic target weights, and aim to gain gradually - To put on a lb per week you need to plan in an extra 500 nutritious calories or so to your usual daily intake. It's best to do this as part of a balanced diet, rather than simply eating more fried foods or unhealthy snacks.

Pre-programmed weight Changing eating habits is a long process of 90 days + and is the crucial factor for success in gaining and maintaining weight. It takes tens of years to develop eating habits and you shouldn't 't think that 1 month is enough to change this reality. You need to follow a weight gain programme for the body to 'for-get 'the old weight and 'get used ' to the new one.

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Do you have a

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How to gain weight

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