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"Now I gained more than 12 kilos in weight, and feel fit and healthy. My energy level had clearly increased, and I also have more resistance against viruses." Click here for weight gain success story
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Weight Gain Products for better absorption:

Cell Activator - A powerful formula supplying the body with special nutrients including B vitamins and herbs. Dramatically aids in the assimilation and effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral intake. Helps give you a "clean sponge" again as part of a weight gain diet. Take this capsule with your meals. B vitamins are important for muscle growth. 90 capsules
Formula 2 Nutritional and Herbal supplement - Is  your body getting enough of the essential nutrients that it needs for optimum well being? Do you rely on your supermarket to supply fresh food and vegetables crammed with nutrients?  During intense exercise your body is drained of nutrients. Is your body getting sufficient nutrients i.e.  minerals and vitamins to utilise the fuel supply? 90 tablets

What is the difference between these products and other supplements available from the chemist or supermarket?

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Herbal Aloe Drink Digestive challenges? Irritable stomach? Stress, coffee, cigarette smoke and poor eating habits can upset the stomach and impair digestion.  A supportive, refreshing, nutritious beverage made from pure, stabilised aloe vera. Beneficial to the natural self-cleansing action of the body.  240ml concentrate

Weight Gain Products providing additional nutritious calories:

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix -  Easy to take, easy to absorb and very tasty!  Obtain the right balance of carbs, proteins, dietary fibre minerals and vitamins. Add to your food or mix with milk and fruit juice and consume as a shake. A "Super food", as part of your weight gain diet. Option to add fruit. Take at least an additional 500 nutritious calories a day to put on a lb per week. Take after your meals and use it diluted in juice/water to "fuel "and "refuel" around "draining exercise". Five delicious flavours. What's in Formula 1? Not just a protein powder nor sugar drink (as some shakes are) but balanced nutrition. 50 servings (550 g nett weight). New Sachets

Protein Supplement Powder- Add to the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix on days you're working out with weights or playing sports or daily if you have a physical job. Take 90 mins after the exercise to repair and rebuild the muscles.

Protein Bars - Additional nutritious calories instead of sugary choc bars, crisps or other snacks, empty of nutritional value. 14 bars

Summary Weight Gain Products
Better absorption of everyday foods? "Clean Sponge" Cell Activator
Micronutrient supplementation. Intensive workout, draining nutrients? Formula 2 Multivitamin Supplement
Digestive challenges Herbal Aloe Drink
Additional nutritious calories taken after meals and "fuelling and refuelling" around exercise Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
Extra nutrients and L-Glutamine if looking to gain muscle. Taken after every meal. Formula 1 Sport
Workout with weights? (Add to Formula 1 on workout days or playing sports or daily if you have a physical job) Formula 3 Protein Supplement Powder
Use in place of Formula 1/3, after a workout if looking to build muscle. Rebuild Strength
Nutritious snacking? Workout snack? Protein Bars

Do you have a poor appetite  or eat lots of food and cant gain weight or want to gain muscle

New Tips by Email -New Service provided by Herbal Vitality. Advice sent out by email at different stages of the programme ie day 4, 7, 14, 28 etc. As well as a personalised programme.

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