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"All I was doing to gain weight was having the F1 with cereal in the morning, another large shake for lunch with F1 and Fruit Juice or milk, and a regular evening meal with F1 for dessert usually in angel delight or custard." Click here for weight gain story

"I am 2 meters in length and I never have weight more then 72 kilos. That of course is not enough. All my life I am trying to gain some weight, but I never succeeded. Doctors, diets, different things from the stores; nothing worked. If even your doctor gives you the advice to eat much fat, cream and butter, you are really wondering what you are doing. I mean, probably your cholesterol will gain some points, but I don’t think that is a very healthy manner to gain weight?!

My bodyfat-index was so low it couldn't even be measured....

I had daily 3 Herbalife Formula 1 meals after my normal food, and with that the Formula 2 also 3 times a day. Now I gained more than 12 kilos in weight, and feel fit and healthy. My energy level had clearly increased.

Individual results will vary.

weight gain-before
weight gain-after One advice for people that want to gain weight: don't make the shakes too thick, just try to keep them drinkable. I ate 3 shakes per day, after my normal meals, and got a very full feeling if I used for instance yoghurts. They just drink a little easier when you use juices or half-juice/half yoghurt.

Now I eat 2 or 3 shakes a day, that depends on what I am doing that day, and I feel very good with that.  Herbalife is and stays a precious supplement for my daily diet!

Individual results will vary. 

Maxim Sokolenko

When I was 18, I suddenly noticed that I became very tired easily. It was very strange, as I had more than a normal rest: 16 hours out of 24. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong. Then I got on a scale and saw that my weight had dropped from 65 to 60 kg. My first thought was, “I don’t eat enough, that’s why I am tired”. I started eating a lot, sometimes I ate so much that it took me 15 minutes just to get away from the table. I constantly ate a lot, and managed to gain 3 kg.

When I lost weight, I was very depressed: I didn’t want to go out, I was easily irritated, was nervous all the time and devoured a lot of food. But my weight continued to drop. In 18 months I went from 63 to 52 kg (and my height is 170 cm). It was awful! I looked like a ghost. I was permanently sleepy and during the first part of the day could never concentrate. Even a small gust of wind took me flowing like a balloon. I could not find a job: my looks made people shy away from me.

But then I got lucky. I met Leon Galperin who told me about Herbalife products. Not for a single moment was I doubtful about these products, as my mother had used them some time ago and got wonderful results.

In the first few months I easily gained 10 kg, and the following year – another 8 kg.

Today I feel fantastic. My weight is stable – 67-69 kg. I am very energetic. But the main thing is that I am back to a normal life and feel a full-fledged personality!

Individual results will vary.

Fatigue, Food , Weight Gain-Dave Booth

Prior to being introduced to the Herbalife products my life was a nightmare. First of all, I was sleeping 12 - 14 hours a day; I had extreme fatigue that disabled me from working in construction, my profession at the time.

Food allergies were also a big problem . I was allergic to 20 foods, that I know of for sure. Being restricted in what I could eat caused me to lose weight. I'm 5'8" tall and fell to 120 lbs!

Four days on the Herbalife products, I could fell the difference in stamina and energy! Weeks went by and my body kept responding to all the herbs and great nutrition! Soon I was introducing a wide variety of foods back into my diet with no reactions. I gained 15 pounds my first month! It was amazing how easy this was to follow. Energy keeps getting better and better, and colds and flu's are a thing of the past. To date I've gained 25 needed pounds, and I've got tons of energy! These products have changed my life. The are incredible!! Thank you Mark Hughes!

Individual results will vary.

Mark P

'I was looking for a good weight gain management product, and after finding Herbalife my life has been turned around.
Within the first two months I gained a solid half stone and now can continue to maintain the weight I desire. Thank you Herbalife'. -

Individual results will vary.
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