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"All I was doing to increase my weight was having the F1 with cereal in the morning, another large shake for lunch with F1 and Fruit Juice or milk, and a regular evening meal with F1 for dessert usually in angel delight or custard." .Click here for success story

Jolanta Kursak, Belgium

As a result of severe emotional turmoil I suffered from the life-threatening eating disorder, aneroxia nervosa, for 18 months," explains Jolanta Kursak of Wasmec, Belgium. "At the height of my disease my weight dropped to a low of 36 kilos. Because of the lack of nutrition in my body, I lost my hair and fingernails. I also lost my dignity.

Although I was having weekly vitamin injections from my doctor," she adds, "it didn't seem to help. I continued to get weaker and my desire for food diminished even more.

One day I picked up a local newspaper and happened to see an advertisement that caught my eye," Jolanta says. "When I called for more information, Allan & Marilyn Sudholz invited me to an Herbalife meeting. I decided to go. By the end of it, I was so impressed with what I heard I was willing to try the products.

I started drinking Formula 1 shakes up to 10 times a day," she explains. "Within seven days my vitality returned and, for the first time in months, I wanted to eat solid food. Little by little I began consuming regular meals - always finishing up with a Formula 1 shake.

Quite simply, the products changed my life," Jolanta stresses. "Within the first four months I gained nearly 7 kilos. My hair and fingernails started to grow again and my body came back to life. Over time I continued to put on weight until I reached my goal of 56 kilos.

I look and feel terrific today because I continue to use these incredible products on a daily basis," she says. "And my self-respect and confidence have returned...for good. I've even been able to have a child which I couldn't have done while suffering from aneroxia nervosa.

Herbalife is my life," Jolanta expresses with gratitude. "It helped me become the person I am today and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you, Marilyn, Allan and Mark Hughes."

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