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Claire Seelen

Following my personal body analysis I was advised to go down in weight by 4kg and shed some body fat. Within two months I’d dropped one dress size, 4kg and five centimetres on my hips, four on my waist, four on my chest, and four on my legs. Also, due to sports advice my body is re-shaped. I am very proud of myself and I feel fantastic. I am very excited about the ShapeWorks programme!


herbalife shapeworks herbalife shapeworks

Rosi Calcagno

7 years ago I fell ill and gained 14 kilos as a result. I couldn't accept myself, I hated mirrors and refused to go out. Then, my husband organised a meeting for me with a Distributor. I started the ShapeWorks programme and after just 2 days I’d dropped 2kg! After a week I’d gone down in weight by 5 kilos, after a month by 8 kilos and after 2 months an amazing 12 kilos! I wasn’t hungry, I felt energetic and I’d totally changed my shape!


shapeworks shapeworks
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