Why Herbalife Weight Loss and Extra Vitality?

Our philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level...
Herbalife Weight Loss

Herbalife Weight Loss?

  • Over 30 years of Global Success
  • Proven in 80 countries... and growing
  • Over 25 million customers worldwide
  • Fantastic results and easy to use
  • 100% 30-Day money back guarantee

When Mark Hughes founded Herbalife more than 20 years ago, his mission was to help people discover  their optimum health through good nutrition. His most important challenge was to find a simple, effective way to achieve weight loss and weight control.

Mark travelled all over the world, focusing on centuries-old herbal remedies to provide the ingredients for his original formulae.

Herbalife has combined that ancient herbal wisdom with the most advanced scientific research, to create a spectrum of healthy programmes and products custom-designed with your specific needs in mind. We call it "custom living".

Our philosophy is rooted in a concept based on nourishing your body at the cellular level.

The trillions of cells that make up your body must be healthy and functional before you can expect optimum well-being and energy. No long term weight loss or weight control or life enhancement programme can work, unless your cells receive all the nutrients they need from natural food sources or any additional supplementations.

Your body is under siege every day.
You feel rushed, hungry, fatigued and stressed-out. So you eat fast foods for convenience, consume sweet foods and snacks for a pick-me-up and use medications to take away aches, pains, sleeplessness and general malaise. It's no wonder we're overweight and overwhelmed. In recent years, excess weight has been documented as the leading cause of many common ailments. It's become a serious health concern that shouldn't be overlooked or minimised.

This concern has led us to look for an answer. Amazingly for Herbalife Weight Loss, Extra Vitality and optimum health the answer is really very simple.

Our philosophy is rooted in a concept based on nourishing your body at the cellular level.

Optimal well-being can begin when you nourish your cells for proper metabolism, growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction.

Herbalife has combined that ancient herbal wisdom, with the most advanced scientific research, to create a spectrum of healthy programmes and products custom-designed with your specific needs in mind

We have assembled herbs, botanicals and supplements from every corner of the globe in just the right combinations for superior nutritional support

We put together a panel of distinguished scientific and nutritional experts to create a step-by-step programme to guide you back to the healthy, energetic and vital person nature intended you to be.

The Benefits of Herbalife Weight Loss

  • Help achieve FANTASTIC RESULTS and they are EASY TO USE. No tedious calorie counting, no skipping meals, no disappointment. You can have 3 meals day and two snacks. This is one of the most generous, most effective weight loss/weight control programmes you are ever going to try ,and it will be the LAST you will ever need

  • You could save money on your food bill because you will no longer need to buy expensive ready-made junk food, chocolate, biscuits, crisps and sweets.   

  • Perfectly balanced nutrition. Scientifically developed and produced to exacting standards; our protein drink mix provides everything you need to help you reach optimum health. Are you getting the right protein intake?  

  • Too busy for breakfast? Too busy for lunch? Too tired to cook? Have a shake instead! It's so quick and easy - in just a few minutes you will have produced a balanced and delicious meal-in-a-glass, which then allows you more time to do the things you really want to!   

  • Forget all those dismal diets, when all you could think about were the foods you couldn't eat. The good news is - you need not feel hungry, you can feel satisfied and have plenty of vitality.   

  • Tasty meals! The shakes taste so good - forget all those stories you've heard about powdered meals being gritty, flavourless and off-putting - the Herbalife shakes taste wonderful, they're super-smooth and so satisfying!   

  • Plenty of variety! An almost endless supply of fantastic recipes to tempt you with delicious ingredients, whilst keeping your calorie intake down and your nutrient level up, up, up!   

  • No more Yo-Yo dieting... Nowadays, nutritional experts concentrate on correcting nutritional intake and perfecting the balance and energy requirements of the body. When this is happening, body weight naturally and gently reduces. Yo-Yo diets tend to starve the individual, upset the body's systems and cause deficiency-related problems.   

  • More vitality! Ask anyone who is using Formula 1, and they will say they have more vitality. This is the natural outcome of a more finely-tuned body, and the reward for balanced nutritional intake and making those positive changes to your lifestyle.

  • 25 Million Customers and over 30 Years of Global Success. Built on forward-thinking and the creation of special products with specific purposes - Herbalife is one of the market leaders in weight loss and nutritional technology. Good health is dependent on good nutrition, a fact that is recognised but often under-emphasised by orthodox health professionals. The general focus has been on curing the diseases and symptoms of affluent 20th century living. Herbalife has reached back into the earth's rich herbal history to seek out the ingredients which may help shape our nutritional destiny.

  • The Science behind the Success. Leading scientists and nutritionists make up the Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board, ensuring that Herbalife products meet and often exceed the highest standards possible.

  • Nature and Science Balanced. Blending the natural with the wonders of science enables Herbalife to help provide essential daily nutrients, a welcome addition to any lifestyle.

  • Herbal Ingredients. In its search for high quality naturally derived products, Herbalife gathers ingredients from all corners of the world.

  • Safe and Effective. Research and development work is continuously undertaken to keep the product range up-to-date and in line with advances in nutritional science.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite, which is why Herbalife offers a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee on every product.

  • The Future. Already in over 50 countries around the world, Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes are still expanding. The goal for the future is to bring quality nutritional support within easy reach of every person who wishes to improve their lifestyle and well-being.

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Herbalife Weight Loss

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