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Mark Hughes founded Herbalife more than 20 years ago. His reason was simple, he watched his mother struggle with one diet after another in an effort to reach her "ideal weight," as so many people do. Tragically, however, Jo Ann Hughes died after following a number of unhealthy diets and weight loss programs. She was only 36.

Mark decided that no one should have to suffer because they felt overweight. He set out to create a safe weight-loss method based on sound nutrition rather than medicine. He travelled all over the world, focusing on centuries old herbal remedies from China to develop his original formulas. Then Mark worked with nutrition experts and health professionals, and in 1980 introduced a revolutionary vitamin-rich, herbal-based protein shake mix (the "2000 model" has been updated with a scientifically advanced formula). Thus Herbalife was born.

Tell A Friend about Herbalife

People who used the products noticed two things: they lost weight, and their friends asked how they did it. It quickly became apparent that "word-of-mouth" advertising would work better than any other-people could see the results for themselves! Refer a friend 

Diverse Product Lines Today, Herbalife offers a wide range of scientifically advanced products, not only for weight loss, but also for enhancing nutrition and general health; skin and hair care;  There are over 150 different products for all stages of life, with new ones on the way all the time. The emphasis on herbs and other natural ingredients and our exclusive formulations appeal to the growing consumer interest in herbal and natural products.

To ensure that Herbalife products are safe and effective and are on the cutting edge of science, Herbalife has appointed a Medical Advisory Board. This includes a group of respected medical experts, scientists, nutritionists and health-care professionals who oversee the research and development of Herbalife's products. Many of the board members also conduct trainings around the world so distributors stay well-informed about Herbalife's product line.

Reaching Out

In addition to our business efforts, Herbalife gives back to the community. With the creation of the Herbalife Family Foundation, Herbalife has dedicated itself to improving the lives of young people everywhere. Since 1994, the Foundation has helped numerous "at-risk" children around the world overcome such devastating problems as substance abuse, the ravages of poverty, and physical and emotional neglect.

Herbalife is about caring and lending a helping hand!

True, Herbalife is about health and opportunity. But it's also about bringing people together. Herbalife's distributors share a bond that can only be described as family-like. And this big happy Herbalife family is always reaching out to the world at large, leaving behind an impressive trail of good works. Among them...

Herbalife Family Foundation

This pioneering organization is Herbalife's way of saying thanks to the world. Founder Mark Hughes wanted troubled children and teens to get a break in life, the way he did when he was a kid. So in 1994 Mark created the Herbalife Family Foundation in order to provide aid and financial assistance to charitable organizations and funds dedicated to helping "at-risk" children everywhere.

At Herbalife's Expo '99 distributor-training events in Orlando, Florida, a series of major fund-raising drives raised $1.2 million for the Herbalife Family Foundation and its sister organization, the Herbalife International Family Foundation. And since its inception, the Foundation has disbursed $3 million to charities that reach out to the needs of the world's at-risk youth.

The Foundation's influence is worldwide and provides funds to such groups as:

  • D.A.R.E. America
  • The Hunger Project
  • SHARE, Inc.
  • Tuesday's Child
  • Getty House Foundation
  • The American Red Cross
  • The Wellness Community
  • March of Dimes
  • People Assisting the Homeless
  • Friends of Child Advocates
  • Big Sisters of Los Angeles
  • American Paralysis Association
  • and many, many more

As long as there are children and teens in need, the Herbalife Family Foundation* will be there. Its mission is everlasting.

Casa Herbalife

In 1998, the Herbalife Family Foundation made a large donation to the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation. As a result of this donation, Casa Herbalife was built. Casa Herbalife is a very special home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for young girls who otherwise wouldn't even have a place to stay. It's a vital part of an orphanage-Casa de Menor São Miguel Arcanjo-founded in 1985 by a priest named Father Renato. And thanks to the generous efforts of all involved-Father Renato, his staff and the Herbalife Family Foundation-Casa Herbalife is helping to provide a promising future for the young girls who live there.

The 10th Annual Monte-Carlo World Music Awards

Because of the Herbalife Family Foundation's work in Brazil, Herbalife helped sponsor the 1998 Monte-Carlo World Music Awards. This event paid tribute to the world's best-selling recording artists of 1998 (including Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy and The Spice Girls). Half the proceeds from ticket sales for the Monte-Carlo World Music Awards went to charitable organizations which work on behalf of disadvantaged children and seniors. Once again, Herbalife was working diligently toward making a brighter tomorrow for the children of the world.

*Please note that the Herbalife Family Foundation is a non-profit entity separate from Herbalife International, Inc.


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