Individuals weighing over 220 pounds or those with 50 pounds or more to lose may add one extra dessert spoon of Formula 3 to their shakes. In addition, depending on hunger and weight-loss goals, men may have two snacks a day.
Shake up your Formula 1 choices and try all five flavours.
Drinking water is important.
Exercise several times a week.
Watch out for stress eating–if you feel emotional try writing instead.
Keep high-protein snacks at work and in the car to fight between-meal cravings.
Find ways to reward yourself besides food–set aside time for yourself.
Instant Herbal Beverage -A delicious and refreshing herbal drink – the perfect way to up your water intake!
Thermo Complete™–vitality enhancement
and appetite control*
Herbal Complex tablethelps improve dimpled skin and obtain natural water balance
Formula 4–helps create a feeling of fullness to support weight-loss efforts*

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Herbalifeline®a valuable source of Omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy weight loss and heart health.

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