Formula 4 (Fibrebond)

Every now and then indulge in a fatty treat?
fat blocker

Unavoidably eating fatty foods out of the home?  Xmas or holidays approaching !

  • Creates a satisfying feeling of fullness while helping maintain your system’s regularity.
  • Grabs the fat you don't want!
  • Safe and effective weight control
  • Cheaters delight!

This scientifically advanced formula is derived from all natural ingredients and is designed to aid safe and effective weight control. Scientific and nutritional experts strongly advocate an increased consumption of dietary fibre and lower intake of fat and calories to help maintain good general health and regulate weight. Unfortunately, typical Western diets include fast food and tends to be high in fat and low in fibre-rich foods.

Natural foods, are usually high in fibre i.e.  whole grains, nuts, seeds. fruit and vegetables,

When fibre passes through the stomach into the digestive tract, it absorbs water and waste materials before being eliminated from your body. A good intake of dietary fibre reduces the amount of time food spends in the intestinal tract. Dietary fibre can help speed up the passage of food and so assist in the removal of toxins  and wastes from the body.

Formula 4 (Fibrebond) is a unique blend of active fibres and sodium choleate that can help maintain the process of elimination and assist in the emulsification of fat for digestion. They can help curb your desire to snack..

Key ingredient properties:

Sodium Choleate – Lipid Emulsifier – assists in the emulsification of fats for digestion.
Fibre: Cellulose, apple, orange and oat.
  • Cellulose Fibre(insoluble fibre) - which is found in bran, fruit, vegetables, whole meal bread, beans, nuts and seeds–helps dilute and flush wastes from the intestinal tract. 394mg per tablet.

  • Apples contain a higher proportion of soluble fibre compared to many other fruit and vegetables, i.e. approximately 4 grams of fibre in one apple, compared to 0.8grams in half a pineapple.

  •  One small orange(soluble)contains approximately 1.6 grams of fibre.

  • Oat fibre is extra high in soluble fibre which research reveals may help to support a healthy blood supply.

Ingredients: Cellulose fibre, sodium choleate, apple fibre, thickeners: acacia powder, sodium carboxymethylcellulose; anti-caking agents: stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate; citrus fibre, oat fibre, glasing agents: sodium carboxymethylcellulose, dextrin, dextrose, lecithin, and sodium citrate.

Additional Information:

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How do you take Formula 4?
  • Take one or two tablets three times a day with meals, with a full glass of water

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