Cell U Loss

Help the body regain its natural water balance?

natural water balance Help with elimination of wastes and the orange peel skin effect?
  • A solution to this nagging, unsightly problem caused by stubborn fat deposits and excess fluid in the tissues.

  • This unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formula is designed to assist the body’s fluid balance.

  • Herbs included for nutritional value

Cell U Loss contains a unique  combination of nutrients, which when taken with an adequate daily fluid intake, has three special purposes. It can  help the body regain its natural water balance, while the herbal complex works by helping the elimination process of wastes and combined, these processes helping smoothing the appearance of orange peel skin.

  • Specially selected herbs encourage the body's natural elimination of wastes and 'stored' water reserves.

  • Helps with bloated feeling

  • Herbal Complex tablet should be taken as part of a balanced calorie controlled diet regime. In itself this is nutritional supplement not designated for weight loss

  • Combine with weight management solution for best results: Shapeworks


  • Powdered Buchu- known to be a factor in assisting the reduction of a water retention
  • Couch Grass -supports antioxidant activity and help to soothe minor irritations
  • Hydrangea -known to be a factor in assisting the reduction of water retention
  • Juniper Berry -known to be a factor in assisting the reduction of water retention
  • Uva Ursi soothing ingredient :assists in the natural elimination of waste
  • Potassium - Helps maintain the body's normal water balance. Sometimes found to be lacking in calorie restricted diets and as such is recommended as supplement to those trying to control weight or on low carbohydrate diet. Physical or mental stress, and also higher than average consumption of coffee, alcohol or sugar can deplete potassium
  • Vitamin C an essential water soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties: needed for healthy skin: helps white blood cells to fight infection: enhances the absorption of iron from non eat sources
  • Kelp -provides a broad spectrum of minerals from the sea including iodine which helps to support the proper functioning of the thyroid
  • Cider Vinegar -good provider of potassium and iron
  • Lecithin - helps to emulsify large fat particles and turn them into tiny particles :as  nutrient it can help nourish damaged cells and tissues and also help keep skin soft and supple
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Recommended Use
  • Tablets should be taken three times daily with each meal
  • Months supply in each container
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