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"Low carb diet with high protein and high nutrient intake."


Low carb diets


How do you take the high protein low carb diet?

  • Protein without the fat, cholesterol and lactose, unlike other low carb diets

  • Control hunger with protein and high nutrient content

  • Easy to follow and no denial or restriction. Enjoy every celebration, every event and every restaurant.

Example of usage
Breakfast -low carb shake/ formula 2
Mid-morning -protein bar
Lunch-protein shake followed by salad / formula 2
Mid-afternoon -protein snack e.g. boiled egg/tuna
Main meal -high protein, low carb meal /formula 2
Evening snack -roasted soy nuts

How do you take the High Protein Low Carb (HPLC) Diet ?

  • Eating 5/6/7 mini meals throughout the day produces more satisfaction, efficient absorption and better utilisation of nutrients.

  • On the HPLC programme, for your regular meal you choose foods low in carbohydrates.

Options for taking the  high protein low carb diet?

Restrict your carbohydrate intake for 2-4 weeks. Take the HPLC shake for breakfast and  the protein based snacks to help you follow a low carb/high protein programme. For example, what to take in place of carbohydrate snacks like fruit? Still enjoy the taste of chocolate and a savoury snack?

Re -introduce carbohydrates after 2-4 weeks using the principles of the glycemic index

For example:

Option 1 -Take the great tasting and energising HPLC Protein Shake for breakfast arguably the most challenging meal when following a low carb programme. Increase your protein intake without the fat, cholesterol and extra calories from animal proteins.

Option 2- Order HPLC hunger busting soy protein shake plus selection of protein based snacks for mid-morning snack, mid afternoon snack and evening snack if necessary

Add thermojetic products to the programme to help the metabolism and herbal supplements to help with other challenges:
Meal Replacements Protein Based Snacks
HPLC  Shake -Low Carb shake Protein Bar- still enjoy taste of chocolate
Roasted Soy Nuts-like a savoury snack?
Herbal and Nutritional Supplements Thermojetics
Formula 2-mirconutrient supplementation Thermojetics Beverage-invigorating drink
Herbal Complex Tablet- natural water balance Thermo Complete-control appetite, boost vitality
Formula 4- bad food days!
Additional Information
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How to maintain a healthy metabolism?

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All weight loss claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

High Protein-Low Carb Diet
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