Protein Shakes

How to obtain the right protein intake in a HEALTHY WAY?
Protein shakes-recipes

Start the day with an energising protein shake?

  • Filling: Helps maintain a more even blood sugar level throughout the day while alleviating hunger pangs.

  • Energizing: Protein, complex carbohydrates add nutrients mean no mid-afternoon energy lull or brain drain.

How to obtain the right protein intake in a HEALTHY WAY. A diet high in protein tends to be high in fat such as that well known low carb/high protein, high cholesterol diet!

  • These delicious shakes encourage the body to burn fat as 'fuel', help to modulate blood sugar throughout  the day and leave you feeling satisfied.

  • Leave you feeling satisfied and energized because it is super-charged with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and herbs to help you safely reach your weight-loss goal.

  • Use alongside healthy protein snacks.

  • Available in screw-top canisters or convenient single-serving sachets.  

  • And for those concerned about Cholesterol levels? The inclusion of at least 25g Soya protein per day as part a diet low in saturated fats can help reduce blood cholesterol. Two formula 1 shakes (vanilla) provide 17.8 g of soya protein(71% of the suggested intake of 25 g). And for addition soya protein use Protein  Supplement Powder (5 grams protein/0.22 grams carbohydrate/0.26g fat). Roasted Soy beans (11 grams of protein); Protein bars (10 grams of protein)

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Protein shakes
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