High protein low carb diet

Low Carb Diet Programme

By including high protein foods in a low carb diet  you can help control the effects of carbohydrates:

1. Restrict carb intake
Carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin, which promotes the storage of glycerol's. When sugar is unavailable as an energy source (from carbohydrates), the body preferentially uses these glycerol's for energy.

2. Maintain your protein intake
Protein is not easily converted into fat and is not easily used by the body as a source of fuel. So when you follow a  low carb diet  your body has to work harder to burn protein as fuel. To avoid muscle mass being used as a fuel source, additional protein is consumed to ensure that glycerol's are preferentially used for energy.

Integrated into these programmes are solutions to the four common obstacles dieters face when they try to control their weight:

1. Loss of good nutrition as a result of dieting;
2. Loss of energy
3.Slow metabolism resulting in slower weight loss;
4 .Cravings for snacks
as well as
5.Sensitivity to carbohydrates

Our programmes help you to lose weight, maintain it and then by gradually changing eating habits (cravings for carb snacks, for example) on these programmes you can keep it off for good.

What challenges do you face when following a low carb diet?

How to get the right protein intake in a HEALTHY WAY? A diet high in protein tends to be high in fat e.g. the well known low carb / high protein, high cholesterol diet! Such programmes can also be very costly with expensive foods such as meat and fish. Soy protein shakes provides the benefit of protein without the disadvantages. And they are packed with nutrients.

What to have for breakfast? Never miss breakfast and do not skip meals. Take a hunger busting protein shake and set yourself up for the day.

"I don't always have enough time to prepare nutritious meals" Take easy to prepare and conveniently packaged products in single serving size packs, which you can take to work with you, for example.

How to reduce cholesterol levels. The inclusion of at least 25g Soy protein per day as part a diet low in saturated fats can help reduce blood cholesterol. Two formula 1 shakes (vanilla) provide 17.8 g of soya protein(71% of the suggested intake of 25 g). And Protein  Supplement Powder (5 grams protein/0.22 grams carbohydrate/0.26g fat). Roasted Soy beans (11 grams of protein); Protein bars (10 grams of protein)

Example Usage:

Breakfast -protein shake
Mid-morning -fruit/vegetable/protein snack
Lunch-protein shake followed by salad
Mid-afternoon -protein snack e.g. boiled egg/tuna/plain yogurt/protein bars
Main meal -high protein, low carb meal
Evening snack -roasted soy nuts

Phase 2

Reached your target weight? Then switch to weight maintenance for the same period of time you have lost the weight. Take the shake once a day instead of twice.

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All weight loss claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

High protein foods -low carb diet
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