Healthy Breakfast?

A simple rule to manage your weight would be to get protein into every meal. But how much protein or fibre is there, in your current breakfast?
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Well that's a healthy shake, but whats a typical breakfast?
A bowl of cereal with milk, sliced banana and a glass of orange juice. This breakfast contains 325 to 500 calories, with only 10 grams of protein. The low protein and fibre count can leave you hungry mid-morning. And  many people have double the serving size of cereals and additional carbs e.g. toast, waffles for breakfast.

Cereal companies are starting to launch reduced sugar cereals in response to what they describe as "changing consumer tastes." The cereals will have 1/3 less sugar than the familiar varieties, and will deliver slightly fewer calories and slightly less of an impact on blood sugar when consumed.  More and more evidence is appearing demonstrating the very strong links between the consumption of sugar (or refined carbohydrates) and obesity.

Cereals are popular in USA and UK but not a staple diet for breakfast worldwide!

However, this is only a small part of what's going on with breakfast cereals. Most of these cereals are also made with refined white flour in addition to processed sugars. That means that even with reduced sugar content, they are still very high in processed carbs, and that means they will have much the same effect as high-sugar cereals even though the sugar has been slightly reduced.

Breakfast Type
1. Miss Breakfast? Impact on the metabolism
2. Top selling cereals* How much fibre do they really contain?
Serving Size Calories** (excludes milk)
Frosted Flakes 3/4 cup 120 1 28 1
Honey Nut Cheerios 1 cup 120 3 24 2
Frosted mini wheats 18 mini biscuits 150 4 36 4
Raisin Bran 1 cup 190 6 45 7
Corn Flakes 1 cup 100 2 24 1
Rice Krispies 1 cup 100 2 23 0  
All Bran 1/2 cup 80 4 23 10
Oatmeal( Quick Rolled Oats) 1/ 3 cup 100 3 19 3
3. Latte and Muffin 16 oz 1040*** 15g 63g 0
4. Formula 1 Healthy Meal - A convenient, effective, inexpensive and enjoyable way to get protein into every meal without the added fat and calories from animal proteins. Hunger busting soy protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals a nutritonally complete meal which takes no time to prepare.

There are different many ways you can take Formula 1 i.e. with non fat milk, soy milk, fruit  juice, yoghurt, porridge and with added fruit. For example,  a Formula 1 Shake containing 8 oz of non fat milk and 1 oz of strawberries = 228 calories, 18g protein, 30g carbohydrates and 3g of fibre. Without the fruit the figures are 217 calories,18g protein, 21.5g carbohydrate and 2.5g of fibre. Click here to calculate the total number of calories per meal. And click here for breakfast shake recipe ideas.
Additional Information:
Healthy Breakfast? - Do you have a carbs based breakfast or miss breakfast?
How to make your Formula 1 Shake? - With a blender and shaker
Manage your weight - Simple rule would be to get protein into every meal and some snacks
Excess carbohydrates in your diet?- Insulin the storage hormone
Guide to your metabolism - Steps to take for a healthy metabolism
Glycemic Index - Avoid carbohydrate based snacks e.g. rice cakes
*sugar/carb content does vary between countries
**Excludes milk/juice - Whole milk =150 calories/Low fat milk=125 calories/Non fat milk=90 calories
*** Includes milk

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Low carb breakfast food

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Low carb breakfast food