Healthy Snacks- Protein bars
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Tips - Get a balance between fruit, vegetable and protein snacks (boiled egg, low fat yogurt, protein bars, nuts). Limit carb based snacks such as crisps, rice cakes, pretzels, cereal bars, biscuits, cookies and sugary choc bars.
Serving Size Calories**


Protein Bars * 35g 139 9.9 15 4.2  
Mars Bar (example of sugary choc bar) 65g 294 2.6 45.2 11.4  
Cereal Bar 35g 138 2.0 24.7 3.5
Savoury Snacks            
* Nutritional Information %RDA        
Vitamin E 50          
Thiamin 50
Riboflavin 50          
Niacin 25          
Vitamin B6 50          
Vitamin B12 50          
Pantothenic Acid 50          
Additional Information:
Excess carbohydrates in your diet?-Insulin the storage hormone
Guide to your metabolism - Steps to take for a healthy metabolism
Glycemic Index - Avoid carbohydrate based snacks e.g. rice cakes

*nutritional information does vary between countries and brands

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