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 "All I was doing to gain weight was having the F1 with cereal in the  morning, another large shake for lunch with F1 and Fruit Juice or milk, and a regular evening meal with F1 for dessert usually in angel delight or custard." .Click here for success story

How to gain weight?

You are not alone because gaining weight is more difficult than losing it. Either the lack of appetite makes it very difficult to force down extra food.  Or alternatively filling up on 'fast food' only generates fat and not muscle fibre. Challenges in gaining weight.

A. Have  a poor appetite? Finding it difficult to take additional calories from food? i.e. 3+ balanced meals a day. How to gain weight with a poor appetite?

B Eat lots of food and don't gain weight? Trying to snack your way to weight gain? Taking expensive snacks with little nutritional value? How to gain weight?

C. Want to gain muscle in the gym? Currently using products which only inflate the muscle with water?  How to gain muscle?

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