Male Factor 1000



"Helps increase vitality and enhance performance..."

Demanding lifestyle?

  • Proprietary blend of premium Swissoats A111, nettle and ginseng and is specially formulated for men

  • Beneficial for vitality, stamina, endurance and muscular integrity

  • Maintain a peak performance whether its at the office, home or on the sports field.

Male Factor 1000 has been specially developed in Switzerland as a herbal tonic. The powerful properties* of Avena sativa, nettles and ginseng have been brought together to enhance performance and maintain well-being. Male Factor 1000 is  a a key supplement providing excellent nutritional support for those with a demanding lifestyle

This  supplement contains a proprietary blend of premium Avena Sativa (Swiss oats A111), Nettle and the  herb, Ginseng. Taken on a daily basis, Male Factor 1000 can help achieve an increase in vitality  without using  chemical derivatives.

  • Swiss oats A111, supports the natural functioning of the heart, blood and and nerves. Calming and good for allaying wind and upset stomach. The Chinese believe that oats help to increase virility
  • Nettle, helping to serve as a general tonic its rich in magnesium, iron and Vitamin C.
  • Ginseng has been used for centuries by Chinese and Korean herbalists and is one of the oldest and most respected herbs in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia
  How do you take
  • Two capsules daily with water as a food supplement

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