Xtra-Cal ® Calcium Diet Supplement
Calcium Supplement with added Vitamin D, Minerals and Herbs
vitamin d and calcium absorption Calcium supplement with Vitamin D?
  • Provides a concentrated source of calcium to build strong bones.
  • Includes vitamin D and magnesium for better calcium absorption and utilization
  • Additional vitamins, minerals and herbs

Extra-Cal is loaded with the most concentrated forms of calcium available.. It is also formulated with other specially chosen vitamins, minerals and herbs to further benefit skeletal health by providing nourishment for the bones.

Too much coffee, alcohol, animal protein and fatty food intake can all inhibit absorption of Calcium. Xtra-Cal provides a quality top-up to ensure the body’s daily requirements are met.

It is possible, that by the time you are 50 you may have lost as much as 25% of your bone mass due to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Those who actively participate in sports have more wear and tear on their bodies than others. Athletes and sports people that they should make a special effort to maintain the proper levels of calcium, magnesium in their systems in order to help prevent injury and aid recovery from regular strenuous activity or injury.

  • Vitamin D helps maintain strong and healthy bones by improving the body's ability to absorb calcium.

  • Supplemental magnesium is central for energy release and the functioning of the nerves and muscles: plays a role in bone structure.

  • Also contains Zinc, Copper and Manganese

  • For enhanced bone protection, use Xtra-Cal® with Herbalife's Soy-Protein containing shakes.


How do you take
  • As a food supplement take one tablet two or three times daily with meals.

  • This is a 30 to 40 day supply

Label Information:

 Three tablets provide( % EU RDA)
 Calcium 1000.0 mg(125%)
Vitamin  D 2.25ug(45%)
Magnesium 120.0 mg (32%)
Zinc 7.5 mg (75%)
Copper 1.00 mg(100%
Manganese 1.00 mg(50%
Ingredients:Calcium carbonate, bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium), calcium citrate, magnesium oxide, anticaking agents (fatty acids, silicon dioxide, calcium salts of fatty acids), maltodextrin, corn starch, coating (hydroxypropyl methycellulose, glycerol), colouring (titanium dioxide), zinc sulphate, copper gluconate, manganese sulphate, cholecalciferol. May contain soy
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