Long term Niteworks customer? Join Club & Order Direct.

Rewarding long term Herbalife customers

Wholesale Club membership is designed for long term customers who can set up an account to order direct from Herbalife.

Is this the best option for me? Yes, if  you are taking the programme over several months. And yes if taking 2/3/4+ products as part of your programme? Maybe not, if only ordering one product per month as there is a min delivery charge for wholesale club members. And yes, if ordering for yourself and partner or friends. So this a good option for long term customers.

 NiteWorks Club Kit details:

This Pack (IBP)  contains your account application form together with a host of collateral materials about your Herbalife Programme: literature,  dvds and most importantly for you it comes with the  following  product: Niteworks x 2 units.

Code 5426NITE
For prices and ordering please sign into the members web site.
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