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"I really like the taste of the new HO Pro sports drink; it is subtle and refreshing" More Details

Developed by experts in sports nutrition, the new isotonic drink from Herbalife H30 Pro is innovative in helping to power exceptional performance.

I train for approximately 30-35 hours a week. I used HO Pro during my training sessions and found it to be effective on hydration and energy levels as well as stamina. I felt the drink permitted me to continue exercising with the required power at each stage with improved recovery. I would possibly choose HO Pro over other brands because I like the composition
Pilar Hidalgo, Triathlete, Spain
As a fitness teacher I know how important hydration and good nutrition is. I was very excited to discover the new HO Pro isotonic drink - and to be frank this product has exceeded my expectations!
First of all I was pleased with the taste - its refreshing and not too sweet. The lemon flavour was appetising. The 500ml serving size fit my cycling bottle perfectly. I experienced good hydration and I felt the drink provided me with the energy necessary for my training and races. I also felt that I had enough stamina to complete my demanding training and race schedules. The drink helped me to achieve a good
. I also liked the fact the packaging is
easy to open and its simple and quick to prepare.
Anais Verguet-Moniz, Triathlete, Portugal
I train for approximately 10-15 hours a week. I used HO Pro on a 15km run and also on a longer one. The ingredients of a sports drink are important, but if its not tasty, handy or easy to use then that would be a major disadvantage. Convenience is very important; a runner should be able to prepare their drink in no time. I felt HO Pro was very effective when it came to hydration regulation and also effective on energy levels.
Ingrid Peperkamp, Runner, Netherlands
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