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"Convenience is very important; a runner should be able to prepare their drink in no time. I felt HO Pro was very effective when it came to hydration regulation and also effective on energy levels. More Details

Here are just a few comments from happy users of HO Pro, our new innovative isotonic drink!

"I have recently started using the Herbalife H3O Isotonic Drink during exercise workouts at the Gym and during a forty-five minute  to an hour long swimming session.  In my younger years I was a competitive swimmer and only ever used to drink plain water during a training session, I used to suffer with muscle cramp and often felt instant hunger after a training session, due to my body utilising all my stores of energy.  Now, at 30 years of age, I do general exercise in the gym and pool, and have in the past, used plain water for re-hydration during my workout, and still often felt light headed and very hungry as though I needed to instantly re-fuel my body. 

Having used the H30 isotonic drink during my workout, I feel more energised throughout my workout, I dont feel a sudden tiredness or lack of energy or the need to delve into something that will give me a quick energy boost straight after working out.  I have also noticed that I can do that little bit more, and my body tells me that I can do that bit more too.  I believe this is down to the natural energising carbohydrates which give you sustained energy. Allowing you body to work out for longer, and also the vitamins to assist with recovery.  

Whether you are training for a competition, or simply enjoying exercise for its health benefits, then H30 is the best energising product that Herbalife has ever created, and a cut above other isotonic products on the market." Nicky

""I tried  HO Pro for the first time last month, when the very short lived period of warm weather was with us. At my aerobic class the air conditioning was very ineffective and everyone was struggling with their hydration and energy levels - except me!  My instructor remarked that I was like the Duracell bunny and I was asked why I'd performed so well!" Jennie In the last six years, I hadnt gone to the gym as a result of a motorbike accident that left me in a poorer state of health. I recently used HO Pro at the gym and did a work out for 1 hour and 30mins without feeling exhausted, for the first time in all those years! Thanks to Herbalife, I have my life back and I feel fantastic both in body and soul! Huong  

"I have been using HO Pro since it was available to buy and I just love it! I'm training around 25-30hrs per week for the Ironman Triathlon. HO Pro tastes great, it's not sticky like most other sports drinks and is very light on your stomach. Yet another awesome product to complement all the others and when used correctly, has awesome benefits." Ewan

"I have found H30 Pro to be fantastic during sport.  I competed in the London Triathlon in 2006 and found every time I took on water during the 10K run I got a very painful stitch that impaired my running.  I felt too dehydrated to run without water so it was a catch 22 situation.

This year I took part in the London Triathlon again and to be honest had very little training prior to the event.  I had H30 Pro and Niteworks before my race and felt so strong and hydrated - I completed the entire 10K without having to stop at all for water and didn't get a single stitch.  I knocked over 5 minutes off my time and was thrilled with the results after taking the H30 Pro - it really made all the difference." Carol

"I really like the taste of the new HO Pro sports drink; it is subtle and refreshing. I have tried it on short training sessions (under one hour) and on a 3hr bike ride in the heat. I found it drinkable under any circumstances.." Karl
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