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Renewed Health, Jim Dressler -Albuquerque, USA

 I have always tried to stay as fit as possible. However, as I passed through the 50's & entered the 60's I was losing the battle. Then I was introduced to Herbalife products and it changed my life. My energy immediately went up, my weight went down (20lbs),  just returned from a bike ride in Colorado. 2000 of us pedaled 162 miles in three days over numerous high Mt passes to the ski villages in central Colorado. Average elevation was 10,000'. Even on the third day, I finished with the first hand full of riders while enjoying the fabulous scenery. At age 66, I am doing things I could not do 15 years ago. I use formula 1,2 and 3, Schizandra, Joint Support, Herbal Aloe Drink and Niteworks. Herbalife has turned back my biological clock.

ShapeWorks & NightWorks!,  Monte Molencamp  R.EEG T.,CNIM,

 My name is Monte Molencamp and I live in Monticello WI and yes I live right on Lake Montician. I'm 40 years old and have been a body builder for 22 years. I've tried many products out there (You name it, I've been on them). I thought I was in good shape being on the old products. I weighed 183 lbs at 5' 10" with a 35 inch waist. I started NightWorks mixing it with Crystal Lite and lemon Herbal Concentrate sipping on it during my workout and taking it prior to going to bed. What I noticed was awesome strength gains and my recovery was better than it ever was! I got down to a 32" waist on the regular formula 1, but could not get to my high school waist nor the abs I wanted. Since being on ShapeWorks I'm down to a 30 inch waist. I'm a Neuorphysiologist by trade (Human Electriction) I understand the Shape Scan and how it works! These are my numbers my first 8 weeks on Shapeworks.

My baseline Lean body mass was 149LBs (impedance)= 446, Taget Body weight = 183 (which I was), resting metabolic rate=2063, Protein requirement=149.

I followed the ShapeWorks program and did a shape scan 7 weeks later! My body weight remained the same, but here is my numbers!

Lean Body mass = 156, impedance=406, Targeted body weight= 183, resting metobolic rate=2143, Protein requirements=156.

THE MAGIC 8 WEEK MARK: Here's my 3rd shape scan numbers:

Lean body mass=159, impedance=377, Targeted body weight was 183 (Which I still was), resting metabolic rate=2263 (WOW) Protein requirement=159.

This all makes sense because I started getting washboard abs and my waist is now at 30".

Michael Johnson, Triathlete, US

“I’ve been doing triathlons for almost fifteen years now. This year, I wasn’t quite as prepared for the Malibu Triathlon as I would’ve liked, because I was travelling so much. I’m a competitive person and I prefer to be at the top of my game, so going into the race, I had a bit of trepidation that I hadn’t trained enough. The ocean was really choppy making the swim exceptionally difficult, and when I got out, my mindset was that I had blown the whole race. But I actually won for my category and I was absolutely shocked! The only thing that changed in my routine was taking Shapeworks™, Niteworks™ and other Herbalife products, which helped optimize my performance by delivering key nutrients and protein that my body needed to excel.”

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