Tanita Body Fat Composition Monitors

How best to measure your progress on a weight management programme? Weight? Inch loss? Body fat%? Visceral fat?
Measuring changes in body fat percentage, rather than just measuring changes in weight, can be very motivational when you're dieting. A measurement of ones body fat percentage is a more accurate gauge of your excess body weight than your BMI( body mass index), a measurement which does not take into account ones body frame size, nor does it account for the amount of muscle mass a person has. However, body fat percentage is not as popular as BMI’s because the skills and technology needed to measure body fat percentage are not readily available. However..by using the Tanita BC 453  or the BC545N monitor or the  you can get these body fat % measurements taken weekly, as well as visceral fat*, metabolic age, muscle mass, % body water, physique rating, BMR and bone mass. All the information you need to monitor your progress.

Tanita BC 545 N


Tanita BC 545 N Segmental Body Composition Scales - This higher spec monitor measures metabolic ages over 50 plus athletes can assess the impact of any training routine on their total and segmental body composition, this product gives individual body composition readings for each of 5 body segments each arm, each leg and the trunk area.

Article by Herbal Vitality

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