How many calories in drinks?

How many calories in wine and beer?

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Alcohol consumption inspires a variety of dietary questions: How many calories in a pint of lager? Does red wine have more calories than white? Let’s weigh in on how alcohol affects weight loss.  Consume 500 calories more than your active metabolic rate and you will gain 1lb per week.

The calorie table below shows how your diet can suffer with a night out and ideas on how to reduce your calorie intake. 

Exercise can help with these "extra calories".  1. Increase Your Muscle Mass – through  strength training 3 times a week for 30mins  as muscle burns more calories than fat. When you increase your muscle mass, you’ll not only notice a more toned body, but you’ll also burn more calories even at rest, your Resting Metabolic Rate.(RMR)  2.  Do your favourite cardio activity such as dancing, running, cycling and swimming 3. Increase Your Daily Activity – by making little changes to your daily routine, like walking up stairs v taking the lift, means you will increase your daily energy expenditure.

You can also increase your RMR through a Healthy Diet ? 1. Eat breakfast 2. Spread out your daily caloric intake by eating several small meals and snacks. 3. Control  your calorie intake  4. Eat More Protein: Protein-rich foods (especially plant-based) are usually low in fat and calories. Protein also takes more energy to digest that fats and carbohydrates which means that you will get a metabolic boost! 

How many calories in beer and lager?

1 x Pint/568ml:

Lager, Low Alcohol 57
Beer, Bitter, Low Alcohol 74
Cider, Low Alcohol 97
Beer, Bitter 182
Carling Lager 189
Cider, Dry  202
Guinness 210
Magners Cider 210
Cider, Sweet 240
Heineken 250ml 110
Becks 275ml 113
Canned Bitter 440ml 141
Grolsch lager  330ml 145
Strongbow Cider 375ml 161
Carlsberg Export Lager 440ml 189

How many calories in a glass of wine?

A standard glass of wine used to be 125ml. But most pubs/bars now serve wine in a 'small' 175ml glass or a 'large' 250ml glass - as much as a third of a bottle of wine.

Small (125ml):
Dry white 77
Rose 83
Red wine 85
Medium white wine 87
Sparkling white wine 87
Champagne 89
Medium white wine 95
Sweet white wine 110
White dry wine 108
Rose wine 116
Red wine 119
Sparkling wine 121
Large glass (250ml):
Large white dry wine 154
Large rose wine 166
Large red wine 170
Large sparkling wine 174

White Wine Spritzer

As there are no calories in soda water you can see how you can reduce your calorie intake by mixing it with white wine. Take a white wine spritzer using half wine and half soda water this would save over 50 calories for a 175ml glass.

How many calories in Spirits ( 25ml)?

1 Shot Vodka 51
1 Shot Brandy 52
1 Shot Gin 55
1 Shot Whiskey 55
1 Shot Tia Maria 75
A double(50ml):
whisky, gin, vodka etc 110

Most people who drink spirits at home pour over, what they would get in a pub when trying to give a single measure, figures suggest. One study found that among 600 people tested, the average amount poured was 38ml !


1 Shot Vodka and Diet Coke 56
1 Shot Vodka And Slimline Tonic 58
1 Shot Vodka and Coke 120
1 Shot Gin and Slimline Tonic 59
1 Shot Gin and Tonic 120

Other spirits:

1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Dry 58
1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Sweet 68
1 Glass/50ml Port 79
1 Glass Baileys( 37ml) - 130

1 Bottle/275ml Alcopops (Calculated Estimate) 170


How many calories in a mixer(100ml) ?

Tonic water(100ml) 40
Cola 45
Caffeine based energy drink 45
Tonic, cola etc (slimline) 0
Fruit juice mixer 50

How many calories in Soft drinks?

Water 0
Soda Water ( Club Soda) 0
Diet Lemonade, 250ml 3
Herbalife Herbal Beverage 6
Espresso 5-10
Schweppes Low Calorie Tonic Water, 150ml 12
Tea, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Cup 13
Tea/Coffee, With Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Cup 14
 Coffee, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Mug 20
Tea, Black, 1 Sugar, 1 Cup 24
Coffee, Black, 1 Sugar, 1 Mug 32
Tea, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Sugar, 1 Cup 37
Britvic Tonic Water, 150ml 39
Schweppes Lemonade, 250ml 40
Calories in Coffee, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 mug, 1 Sugar  52
Orange Squash, 250ml 75
Orange Juice Unsweetened, 250ml 88
Orange Juice with bits, 250ml 118
Apple Juice, 250 ml, 120
Coke, 330ml can144
Mocha small - 138 Mocha large 162

How many calories in your breakfast? Or miss breakfast?

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