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I don't eat breakfast

I don't eat lunch


If you miss breakfast and don't eat for 13 hours, your body has been fasting and the metabolism slows to conserve energy. You you also more likely to snack on something unhealthy later in the day. The Protein Shake takes under a minute to prepare and provides a balanced, nutritious and delicious breakfast. It is digested and assimilated by the body with ease, making it the perfect fast food!  Start Now Programme
I eat too many carbs So that's cereals and toast for breakfast, a jacket potatoe for lunch , pasta for dinner and carb based snacks such as rice cakes, cereal bars and chocolate during the day. "My diet had been almost all carbs I had no nutrition going into my body" And any excess energy from carbohydrate food is stored as fat. Instead focus on getting protein into every meal. But if you tried to get all the protein you need from foods such as meats, you would consume too many calories, because these protein rich foods come with extra fat calories. Start Now Programme
I crave carbohydrates and sugary snacks Too many carbs in your main meals and then "topping up" with carb based snacks as well? Consider how carbohydrate-rich food generates a rapid rise in blood glucose and therefore swings in blood sugar levels. And how insulin works as a storage hormone.
As above, look at the balance of carbohydrate and protein in your diet
Start Now Programme. And get a balance between fruit, vegetable and  Protein Snacks. Restrict carb based snacks such as rice cakes, cookies and cereal bars.
I eat 3 meals a day and lots of snacks Eating too many calories and the wrong kind of foods. Too many processed foods/fast foods empty of nutritional value. Too many carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, pasta. Too many fatty foods? Use the Start Now Programme to control your calorie intake without hunger. And get a balance between fruit, vegetable and  Protein Snacks. Increase you nutritional intake, unlike conventional diets which reduce it.
I snack on fruit all day Yes fruit a healthy snack, but not an alternative to a balanced meal including protein. Focus on getting protein into every meal using the Start Now Programme And get a balance between fruit, vegetable and  Protein Snacks.
I'm too busy Too busy to think of the ideal balance of every meal. This programme takes care of two meals and give you easy to follow guidance for the third. Gradually change your eating habits, as you lose weight, so that you can keep the weight off permanently.
I have low  energy Food is fuel for the body. If you miss meals, eat foods with little nutritional value or consume sugary snacks with resulting "highs and lows" then this will affect your energy levels. Always Tired Use the Start Now Programme  to get back into the routine of eating three meals a day. Includes the high quality vitamin and mineral supplement Formula 2 .

Keep going for longer!

Herbalife nutritional shakes combine complex carbohydrates with lean protein, which can keep you going for longer without feeling the need to snack!


and enhancers    
I want to break my coffee-drinking habit. Too much coffee can rob the body of essential nutrients and increase radical damage. And as a diuretic coffee doesn't count as part of your daily water consumption. Do you struggle to drink 6-8 glasses of plain water a day? We have blended five fast-acting botanicals to create a herbal treat you can enjoy everyday. This Thermojetics Instant Tea Mix is kinder to your body than traditional tea and coffee. Each cup contains two thirds less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so you can reduce your caffeine intake and benefit your body with an invigorating herbal boost. Counts as part of daily water intake.
I need something to replace fizzy drinks including diet cola Fizzy drinks contain on average, six teaspoons of sugar in each can. Plain water is often the last option when choosing a drink, despite its importance to our well being. Fizzy and carbonated drinks do not allow the cells of our body to absorb nutrients correctly and can easily upset our body’s delicate infrastructure. The Thermojetics Instant Tea Mix provides a versatile alternative to traditional beverages, with an exhilarating low-calorie beverage. And supports the metabolism. Drink hot or cold.
I plan to exercise Lack of good nutrition and lack of energy at the end of the working day often means than good intentions are not maintained beyond January! Drink the Thermojetics Instant Tea Mix  cold on the way to the gym to provide you with extra get up and go. And use during exercise i.e. added to your water bottle. Use the Start Now Programme to provide your body with fantastic nutrition.

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All weight loss claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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