How many calories in drinks?

How many calories in wine and beer?

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Alcohol consumption inspires a variety of dietary questions: How many calories in a pint of lager? Does red wine have more calories than white? Letís weigh in on how alcohol affects weight loss. 

The calorie table below shows how your diet can suffer with a night out. The number of calories in different brands of drink varies enormously. This is to give you a guide.

How many calories in your breakfast? Or miss breakfast?

How many calories in Beer and Lager?

1 Pint/568ml:

Lager, Low Alcohol 57
Beer, Bitter, Low Alcohol 74
Cider, Low Alcohol 97
Lager  163
Guinness, Stout 170
Beer, Bitter 182
Cider, Dry  202
Lager 230
Cider, Sweet 240
How many calories in a glass of wine?
Red wine(125ml) 85
Dry white wine 85
Rose wine, medium 90
Sparkling white wine ( Champagne, cava ) 95
Medium white wine 95
Sweet white wine 120
Large glass:
Large white wine 150
Large red wine 160
Large rose wine 170
Large sparkling wine 180

How many calories in Spirits?

1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 37.5% Volume, 48
1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 40% Volume, 52
1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Sweet ,68
1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Dry, 58
A double(50ml):
whisky, gin, vodka etc 120
premium whisky, gin, vodka 140
liquers, brandy 150

1 Bottle/275ml Alcopops (Calculated Estimate) 200


How many calories in a mixer ?

tonic water(100ml) 40
cola 45
caffeine based energy drink 45
tonic, cola etc (slimline) 0
Fruit juice mixer 50

Nb see impact of fizzy drinks

How many calories in soft drinks?

1 Glass/250ml :
Diet Lemonade 3
Lime Cordial 28
Lemonade 53
Orange Juice, Unsweetened 72
Tonic Water 83
Cola, Coca Cola 105
Coke, Coca Cola 1 Can/330ml 139
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How many calories in a glass of wine How many calories in beer

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