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Rachael Cadman is a high-performance triathlete who competes in races all over the globe. She began her career on the university rowing and water polo teams, and has since completed a host of marathons, triathlons and Ironman competitions.

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Rachael Cadman and I work full time as a Training & Education Officer for the Royal Air Force. When I’m not working I appear to get myself involved in somewhat crazy endurance challenges!

You are taking part in the Arch to Arc race; what does this race involve?
The Enduroman Arch 2 Arc involves an 87mile run from Marble Arch to Dover, an open water swim across the English Channel and finally a 180mile cycle from the port of Calais to L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Rachael Cadman has set a World First by becoming the first woman to complete the Enduroman Arch 2 Arc challenge:


Do you feel any pressure at being the first woman to attempt this race?
I certainly feel pressure in attempting to become the first woman to attempt this race. I have committed so much to this race as have my wonderful friends, family and, of course, my sponsors! I obviously want to do my very best to achieve the challenge and not let anyone down. Thankfully pressure is a good motivator and is keeping me out there training!

You are racing for “Help for Heroes” charity; what is this charity significance to you?
The charity is significant to all members of the Armed Forces as it does a wonderful job in supporting those who have been wounded in Britain’s current conflicts. Any person who has received an injury whilst serving their country deserves the best in treatment and rehabilitation.

With such a grueling race, can you tell us about your training regime?
Training is very hectic and I have two key sessions a week. A long swim, usually on a Friday afternoon, where I’ll do 8-12 kms in the pool and then a split long run on Sunday and Mondays. I’ll run something in the region of 20-26 miles on the Sunday and then 10-14 miles on the Monday. This helps me build long run endurance without the injury potential of running that long all in one stint and also helps me get used to running tired. All in all, I train 6 days a week and the other sessions will include some tempo running, technique swims, some biking and a lot of strength and resistance training. Having a strong body and especially a strong core is key to preventing injury. From April all my swims will be in the open water starting from 2 hours and building to an 8-10 hour session.

As a Herbalife sponsored athlete, how does Herbalife nutrition feature in your training?
I use Formula 1 shakes all the time in training, as a source of protein and carbohydrate to help fuel my recovery. The fantastic range of flavours means I’m never bored! I also use Formula 2  to help make sure I meet my daily needs of essential vitamins and minerals and taking the extra vitamin C and vitamin E helps to give me the antioxidant support I need to fight the free radicals that can be released by extreme training. Xtra-Cal is another important element of my regime – with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D it helps make sure I’ve got the right nutrition to maintain strong, healthy bones. In all my training sessions I stay hydrated using H³O Pro™Isotonic Drink – it’s a great tasting drink and I seem to go through boxes of it! And if I need a little motivator to get me through the next session, I’ll slip a Liftoff® into some water – the B vitamins are critical for energy metabolism and the caffeine really gives me that extra boost to keep going.

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