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BSCG certifies particular batches of products, not the products in general.

By participating in the BSCG program, each and every batch of a product is required to be analyzed and certified. Failure to meet this requirement results in immediate disqualification from the BSCG program. The below products have met this requirement.

Be sure to look for the BSCG seal on the packaging to ensure that a sample from that batch has been analyzed and certified.
banned substances control group
Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) offers industry-leading dietary supplement certification programs and testing services to product manufacturers, retailers, raw material suppliers, and individual athletes.  Consumers and clients who use BSCG-certified products can rest assured that they contain no contaminants or banned substances above established thresholds, minimizing safety concerns and drug testing risks associated with such products.

In Europe, the products are tested by the Cologne List Check the web site for details on the individual products and specific batch numbers.

These products are used by elite teams such as Barcelona FC so each batch is tested.

herbalife24 banned substanecs control group

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